A message from WCCA TV 13 … deadline today, 5 p.m. … sign up, candidates!

From TV 13 Executive Director Mauro DePasquale:

Hello, CITY COUNCIL Candidates!

WCCA TV 13 is taping a ” Candidate Profile 2013″
on June 10th and 11th at our studio at 415 Main Street in Worcester.

The taping times are first come, first serve and will take approx. 15

The interview will be by Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director , WCCA
TV 13.

Please contact me today to book your taping.

We are taping between 2pm-4pm on June 10th and June 11th.

A DRAFT of Possible Questions:

1. Discuss your background and qualifications
Describe the character traits needed to be a great leader. How do you
embody these traits?

2. What are your top three priorities for Worcester?

3. What, in your view, is Worcester’s biggest budget buster, and what
will you do to rein it in?

4. Worcester was great when its many factories were humming – when it
was an industrial powerhouse. How can we expand the job base here so
that more good-paying jobs come to Worcester?

5. In 1955, Worcester was on the cover of National Geographic magazine
– a city truly on the move that was profiled in depth by a national
publication. How would you put us on the cover of a major magazine today?

6. Will you or will you not vote to raise taxes.? If your answer is
“NO,” how will we close the city budget gap this year and make sure we
can pay our bills next fiscal year?

7.How can our public school staffs and City Hall departments become
more diverse so that Worcester’s many races, socio-economic groups and
cultures are represented in all levels of city government?

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