A thank-you to Worcester Police Officer Kachadoorian!

By Ron O’Clair

On Sunday, the 27th of October, I happened upon Worcester Police Officer Kachadoorian, badge number 34, while he was engaged in his duties checking the license plate of a Lincoln Continental Mark IV on Wellington Street as I was headed to the Pickle Barrel for breakfast around 7:00 A.M.

I had had a break in of one of my two vehicles parked in the rear parking lot of 707 Main Street a couple of days previously, and had tried to report it Friday night, and again Saturday night, only to find that the police were very busy and after waiting 3 hours on Friday I cancelled the call.

Rather than wait again on Saturday, I asked the dispatcher if they were very busy again that night. They were, and I understand that reporting crimes is important for statistical analysis purposes.

I had caught a crack whore asleep in the vehicle that had been robbed of my brand new muffler I had awaiting installation in the back seat, and anything else I had in there of value after I dragged her out by her feet and told her to get the hell out of my truck, and off the property rather than wait for the police to come.

Due to the fact that I had a suspect in the break-in and theft of my property, I was told when I called that I needed to report the crime through the assistance of one of the route officers patrolling my neighborhood.

So when I came across officer Kachadoorian I thought I would report it through him then and there. I was pleasantly surprised that the officer assisted me in the matter without complaint, and acted in a manner that brought credit to the Worcester Police Department.

His knowledge of the criminal characters that infest my neighborhood and commit crimes daily, along with my description of the suspect whom I found out was named Wanda through my own sources in the criminal community led to an identification of the suspect.

He told me that when he comes across her again he would arrest her for breaking and entering my motor vehicle, and that he would take care of filing the report of the break-in and theft of my property.

After coming back from the Pickle Barrel, I found him and another route car in my parking lot, so I thanked him for his professionalism in handling my complaint. He also informed me that he had caught another criminal the day before smoking crack behind the vehicles on the property and made an arrest.

I canโ€™t empathize enough the importance of making these arrests which send a signal to the criminals that violating the sanctity of private property anywhere in the city will lead to criminal prosecution. If I had gotten this type of cooperation in the beginning of my superintendence of the building and grounds back in 2003 when I first started the job, I would not have had so many problems with trespassing drug users and thieves destroying the place.

I wish to thank officer Kachadoorian for his assistance, and hope that the rest of the route officers patrolling my area will keep the vigilance up until the criminal element get the message that posted private property is just that; private, and will result in criminal charges and arrest if they ignore the signs and trespass at will.

I also wish to thank the leadership of the Worcester Police for driving home the importance of positive community relations between the police and the law abiding citizens who are fed up with the lawlessness in my area and want to cooperate to take back the streets and make them safe for people to use and enjoy without fear.

I am looking forward to continued cooperation and positive experiences with my local police in my efforts to transform this area into a decent place to live, work, and play for all who reside in it.

Let us keep cracking down on the criminals until they get the message that Worcester will not tolerate public displays of criminal behavior, drinking, dealing, or doing drugs in public, urinating or defecating on my private property, public drunkenness, trespassing, littering, etc.

All of these seemingly insignificant crimes lower the quality of life in my neighborhood, and there is no reason for it being allowed to continue. Let us all work together to make Worcester a shining example that the rest of the State can emulate.

Thank you officers of the Worcester Police, men and women, and I hope that this lets you know your hard work and diligence does not go unnoticed by the public!

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