All the vitriol … (and a song for the boys of Forest Street)

… all the hatred, all the prejudice that the young Forest Street/Community Health Link boys are being subjected to, courtesy of Worcester … . They must know – or at least the folks who work with them must know – that Worcester is behaving badly. They see how small-hearted the people of Worcester are this holiday season.

Where are our clergy folks? Where are the Catholic worker dudes? Where are all the “good” people of Woo? People we expect to stand up to bigotry and hatred. People we expect to LEAD this community, make it a better place for EVERYONE.

Do the kids who live in the Forest Street neighborhood – do they know how heartless their parents sound? … Or are they taking a lesson from Mom and Dad: Outsiders stay out. Kids in need? Tough luck! …  The acorn never falls far from the tree.

Kara, a homeless woman who died in the arms of a friend at the Mustard Seed last month … The adolescent boys in recovery, in pain, often times runaways who have been raped, beaten, etc by the adults in their lives and now wait for a place to live. BUT WHERE IS HOME?

For all the kids and adults who are searching for HOME this holday season … – R. Tirella

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