Alleged pedophile is now a Justice of the Peace for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

By Rosalie Tirella

How awful! Got a note from an ICT reader. He/she wrote: “Thought you might be interested in this. Dear God!”

Attached to the note was an ad, an ad for Paul Giorgio – Massachusetts’ newest Justice of the Peace. Justice of the Peace!? You’ve got to be joking!

This time it was my turn! “My God!” I screamed. Why would anyone want Paul Giorgio, an alleged pedophile, to marry them, to say the words that make two people one, to help consecrate such a special day?

I’ll go one step furthur: why would anyone want Giorgio at their wedding – period?

The newspapers, including InCity Times, covered the Giorgio case: In a 2003 civil suit, Marcos Arroyo claimed that Giorgio twice had sex with Arroyo in 1986 when Arroyo was under the age of 16. Giorgio denied the allegations and the case was dismissed.

After the InCity Times article was published (see side categories on this website and click on Paul Giorgio trial to see the ICT stories), I got several phone calls: one from a former male prostitute who said he knew Giorgio (but would not go on the record, so we could not write the story) and a man who remembered Giorgio from his early days when he worked for DYS – Department of Youth Services.

So again, I ask: Why would anyone PAY Paul Giorgio (anywhere from $50 to $90 – that’s the fee) to marry them?

Besides the Arroyo case, Giorgio also went to court over election fraud. He voted in the East Side when infact he lived in the city’s West Side. The political operative – along with cohort Paul Pezzella, also accused of fraud for voting in Worcester when he in fact lived in Boston – played dumb. He and Pezzella – both old political hands – were facing several years in prison. But the judge slapped their wrists and off they went!

And now the state of Massachusetts has made Giorgio a justice of the peace!

Paul Giorgio, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Justice of the Peace.

This is why people hate Massachusetts politics.

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