Always in style – REC Farmers Markets! – for a healthier Worcester! SNAP accepted!


Double your purchase for the price, Worcester working families!

Only at the REC farmers markets and REC mobile farmers market van. IN EVERY WOO NEIGHBORHOOD. Check schedules below!

REC farmers markets welcome all people, of all economic classes!

ALL FARMERS MARKETS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ACCEPT SNAP. The government pays the vendor/farmer. Markets that don’t accept SNAP, especially in the inner city, are prejudiced against poor people (many of them immigrants and people of color). The coordinators of the non-SNAP farmers markets won’t admit this, but they don’t accept SNAP because they do not want their farmers markets to be flooded with poor people, people who don’t fit the “right” demographic, people who won’t create the “right” kind of shopping experience. A kind of economic and racial red lining occurs. Not illegal – just not very ethical and … kinda phony … creepy. NOT building a healthy Worcester for all! For the 21st century!

You want racial and economic DIVERSITY?


pics/text: Rosalie Tirella

Farmers Market 1-1

Mobile Market-1


Flowers are sold at REC farmers markets!