Another ICT website reader writes …

“It seems that Mr. Dorman’s relatives are being removed from There was a Doris Agatha Peltier Judson who died in 1995 that is no longer visable.

“findagrave will remove listings at the request of an immediate family member … ”

R.T. says: Thanks! You’re correct, my friend. Still, we have the roots search.


Other pieces to the puzzle:

* We are looking for a photo of Claude Dorman. We hear he is below-average looking.

* Boy, we could use an intern! This Wonderpoop project is growing by the day! We need some bright, eager kid who can sit in the library or courthouse and PORE over documents! For no pay! For hours! But, as I joked to Paulie this morning, what would she/he earn the credit in? HA HA HA HA!

* Ya, know, Wonderland has made so many folks miserable it is high time his style is cramped. SO… His website no longer has all the stuff he loves to do (hence write about): geneology, talking about grave stones/sites; The Brimfield Antique festivals, family vacations, favorite shops, his family. Maybe, maybe he can still blog about his three beloved felines, but they (pic and story) will most likely make their way to some anti-Wonderland blog.

* Ya, know, all the stuff re: Wonderland has sorta come to us. The scrubbed stories, pics, phone calls, emails, etc. Which means people have loathed this mean-spirited creep (more on that later) for years.

* again: our Wonderland Wishlist: photo, intern!


Finally, the website:

R. T.

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