Appreciating the Prince … and Cool Mother’s Day gifts for Mom at Unique Finds Antiques and Vintage …

Pics and text by Rosalie Tirella

… gift shop – 1329 Main St. – Worcester!

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Jett and Lilac stop to smell the tulips!









I spied a PURPLE RAIN album at Unique Finds a few weeks back (have mine!) … This song is not from PURPLE RAIN – but from the Beatles, written by George Harrison. Prince, in the famous video clip below, funks it up beautifully. From where did his genius flow? How do we understand a Prince? …

… Smallest guy in the room – most wonderful wunderkind! High-heeled, halter-topped, elegant, like Louis the Sun King – or Little Richard. Prancing, stomping, twirling – caressing his gal singers and piano on stage – his piano more lovingly, I do believe!

In the 1980s a gal pal invited me to a Prince concert. He plans to take a shower on stage!, she gushed. But beneath the Prince youthful silliness – and overt sexiness – was a serious student of ROCK AND FUNK AND R AND B and JAZZ AND BLUES. As the gifted one grew older his sexiness became more subdued: short hair, a body-skimming suit with few flourishes – maybe a lovely collar or brooch. Beautiful to me, now middle-aged, too, and looking for loveliness in my men that came from their confidence, experience, worldliness …

Here’s the mature Prince … Here is CREAM and more!

My first Prince lp? CONTROVERSY in audio cassette form. I liked the political, ballsy songs! Prince was pushing boundaries – sexual, political – in his music. I went around the UMass Amherst campus, a student wanting to sing her song, chanting to me, myself, my soul: “I WISH WE ALL WERE NUDE! I WISH THERE WERE NO BLACK AND WHITE! I WISH THERE WERE NO RULES!”

I took Prince’s musical exhortations to heart! And “it’s made all the difference”!

Buy your Ma some Prince this Mother’s Day!!!! She deserves him!