Ask President Obama to stop cruelty to animals by the Department of Defense

By Ingrid E. Newkirk

There’s a shocking military scandal that you may not know about: the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is directly responsible for the extreme suffering of countless goats, pigs, monkeys, and other animals.
Every year, thousands of live animals are shot, stabbed, dismembered, burned, and poisoned in routine trauma-training exercises under the misguided notion that such cruelty will prepare medics and members of the infantry to deal with battlefield injuries. It’s horrific but true: The DoD subjects animals to every kind of violent injury that happens on the battlefield.

But despite effective and painless non-animal alternatives available for these trainings—including the DoD’s own Combat Trauma Patient Simulator—the Department continues to maim and kill countless individual animals in gruesome and totally unnecessary ways, including the following:

• Goats are stabbed, their veins are cut open, their chests are wounded, and their legs are amputated.
• For military trauma training in Hawaii, pigs are shot, mutilated, and killed after enduring a five-day journey on crowded cargo ships.

These and other DoD-authorized but needless training exercises—and the horrific pain and suffering that they inflict on countless individual animals—could be stopped today without compromising military readiness or training.

It’s urgent that we take action NOW to save these animals. Please join with PETA today by asking President Obama to issue an executive order immediately requiring the DoD to replace its use and abuse of live animals with more effective non-animal methods.

This is a fight that we can win—with your help.

Just last month, after intense pressure from PETA and our supporters around the world, the Bolivian government banned “the abuse and sacrifice of animals” in military exercises. This came just days after we released a shocking video that showed dogs who were mutilated alive during “training” exercises conducted by the Bolivian military. It’s also that country’s very first animal protection regulation.

PETA pressure works, and—with your support—we will do whatever is needed to persuade the DoD to stop hurting animals.

PETA leads the fight to stop animal testing. Our goal is to expose the abuse wherever it occurs, call in our activist “troops” to shut it down, and push for more effective and cruelty-free alternatives. But we need your support to win this battle against the DoD and others like it.

Your special donation today will support this urgent campaign and help stop the suffering of animals in unnecessary experiments. We must stop this terrible abuse. Please make a tax-deductible gift to PETA today. Your help can mean salvation for countless animals who otherwise will suffer in cruel and needless tests.

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