At the Aurora Hotel: Creative Hub Worcester Art Show

Text and photos by Ron O’Clair

Main South’s Aurora Hotel – Creative Hub art gallery on ground floor!

I attended the Creative Hub Worcester Art show on the 25th of January, which started at 4:30 p.m. and went on until 7 p.m. or so. This is located in the Aurora Hotel on Main Street on the ground floor, just to the right of the main entrance to the building.

Entrance area to the Aurora Hotel – graced by Aurora! pic:R.T.

I got to meet one of the people whose art adorned the walls who also happens to reside in the Aurora Hotel. He is an interesting guy: Monyenou Tehoue, with a most difficult to pronounce name!

Artist Monyenou Tehoue

I took photographs of all the art in the exhibit …
Check out the exhibit!

Lots of thought-provoking work

BUY$ ART AT AURORA – support$$ our local artists!!

… and hobnobbed with the people, had some delicious fresh strawberries and blueberries, along with a cup of coffee – all graciously provided by the Creative Hub Worcester staff.There was a big cheese platter, too.


They were actually giving out wine samples, but I am in recovery – haven’t had a drink in almost 40 years. I have no intention of starting up again anytime soon!

The gallery is a beautiful space!

It was a nice time. I got to see many different forms of artwork, including some that were based on photography. I hope you enjoy my pictures and that you will attend the gallery to support our local artists, like Monyenou Tehoue.

I met some very prominent Worcester people such as the owner of the Heywood Building on Harding Street, which is being repurposed quite nicely from its long forgotten manufacturing days. It started its life as one of the many Worcester Shoe Factory buildings. He said progress is being made on converting the building to housing people instead of machines, banking on the convenient location near Union Station to be the selling point to commuters interested in living in Worcester and commuting via the train to Boston.

I met this very flamboyantly dressed gentleman named Mike who looked like a cross between the “Joker” and/or a very tall Leprechaun. He wore a Derby hat, saddle shoes, heavy gold rings and necklaces. He was very outgoing and friendly. I took some photographs of him that would have been better had I used the flash, but you can still see the styling!


The gallery was filled with people from every social group, young to old, rich to poor, working class to the affluent. Everyone seemed to have a good time looking over the various artworks exhibited. There are going to be more exhibits in the series at the Aurora, each with its own theme (this show: OTHERNESS). You should check out this show and the upcoming ones for yourself!
Go look at the art at the Aurora!

More info:

❄️January:​ “The Feeling of Otherness” ​Dates:​ January 24 –

❄️February 13th
❄️February:​ “Main South Residents” ​Dates:​ February 15th – March 7th

❄️March:​ “Multi-Theological Perspectives” ​Dates:​ March 9th – March 31st

❄️April​: “Female Artists, Female Empowerment” ​Dates:​ April 4th – April 22nd

Where:​ This exhibition series will take place at the Aurora Gallery on the first floor at 660 Main St.,
Worcester, MA, 01610. Free parking will be available at the lot on the corner of Main St. and Ionic
Ave., and the first floor where the exhibitions will be held is fully accessible.

♥️♥️♥️Creative Hub Worcester’s mission is to provide affordable and accessible opportunities in the Arts for all Worcester area community members, with a focus on at-risk and under-served youth. 
Please contact​ ♥️♥️♥️