Bay State’s 99% to Host [NO!]mination Convention!

As Mitt Romney delivers his nomination acceptance speech at the RNC Convention in Tampa…

Bay State’s 99% to Host [NO!]mination Convention to Speak Out on Failed Romney-Bain Agenda

Unemployed workers, seniors, healthcare advocates, Bain employees, low-income and middle class families and others join together to tell the truth about Romney’s record

ROXBURY – Just hours before Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney delivers his official acceptance speech in Tampa, working families and seniors back home in Boston will gather to tell the real story of Romney’s record as Massachusetts governor and CEO of Bain Capital. Held today at 5:30pm at Roxbury’s Hibernian Hall, the [NO!]mination Convention will feature unemployed workers, seniors, healthcare advocates, employees of Bain-owned companies and other low-income and middle class families who have suffered under Romney’s failed leadership in the public and private sectors.

Romney has built his candidacy on a host of what he calls ‘success stories’ on his watch in government and business. But his record as Governor of Massachusetts paints an entirely different picture – one where constituents were saddled with more than $2.6 billion in new debt and saw the state fall to 47th in job creation. Massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs during Romney’s tenure, in addition to call center and other state jobs he outsourced to India. Those who toiled under Romney’s Bain Capital fared even worse, asthousands were sent to the unemployment lines as their jobs were shipped overseas to China and India. The few employees that remained were subjected to a ‘worker-exploitation-for-profit’ model that slashed pay and benefits, reduced hours, forced off-the-clock work and committed outright wage theft.

“Those of us who call Massachusetts home were the first to see the kind of harm Mitt Romney and Bain Capital can cause,” said Katrina Fitzpatrick, a Dorchester resident who worked for Bain-owned Dunkin’ Donuts for more than 15 years. “That’s why it’s so important that we speak out and warn the rest of the country – people need to know the truth about the Romney-Bain agenda.”

Today’s [NO!]mination Convention follows days of protests at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, where Fitzpatrick and local Bain workers joined hundreds of others in speaking out against the harmful effects of the Romney-Bain economic agenda.

WHAT: Massachusetts workers and seniors host [NO!]mination Convention to tell the real story of Romney’s failed record as governor and Bain CEO.

WHO: Employees of Bain-owned companies, unemployed workers, seniors, healthcare advocates, low-income and middle class families, and a host of faith and community leaders

WHEN: TODAY! Thursday, August 30 – 5:30 to 7:00 PM (Program to begin around 5:45PM)

WHERE: Hibernian Hall, 184 Dudley Street – Roxbury


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