Be there! Vernon Hill: mega crime watch meeting for our urban neighborhoods!

Neighborhood Public Safety Meeting!

Thursday, August 13

7:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.

At the Worcester Senior Center

128 Providence Street


We need to save our inner-city neighborhoods! EVERYONE has to speak up, work together, be brave – and hopeful! The mayor is right – we can’t arrest our way out of the problem – but we can tamp things down, cool things off with an intensified police presence.  I am OK with city councilor Konnie Lukes’ suggestion – bring in the Massachusetts State Police.  It’s political grandstanding but who gives a shit at this point. The staties are here anyways.  Let their people supplement IN A VERY VISUAL WAY what the city has going already – bring in their cars, uniformed guys and gals. I WOULD LOVE A STATE POLICE CRUISER SITTING IN THE SAINT MARY’S CHURCH PARKING LOT NEAR MY HOUSE. So would all the other good people on my street! People are afraid! Single moms with cute little kids, single family home owners, young guys who have nothing to do with the chaos and are just typical teens hanging out together or walking to a friend’s house. There are so many good people living in our urban core, day in and day out. They deserve to go to work, let their kids ride their bikes on the sidewalk, walk down to the mini-mart IN RELATIVE PEACE. The bad apples will move on/be dealt with if we get the police presence we need! (photo by R.T: the corner of Lodi and Lafayette streets, where ICT editor Rosalie grew up and played as a little kid . Lafayette, Bigelow, Endicott – all inner-city Woo residential streets, part of our urban core, THAT WE CANNOT LET DIE, streets that can benefit from a stepped-up WPD police presence, coupled with Mass. State Police.)     – R. Tirella 

Please join Worcester Mayor Joseph Petty, City Manager Ed Augustus, District Attorney Joe Early, Jr, and …

… representatives from the Worcester Police Department

Emergency Communications

and the Worcester City Council in a conversation about our city and our neighborhoods and the ways that we can all help!