Being an American is more than lighting up a grill and shooting fire works

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By Imalay Guzman

What makes America great is our country’s diversity. It’s the idea of starting off a new life full of opportunities. Remember when America used to be the country of hope, people dreaming of a land where they can be free to choose, free to express themselves … the land of the free? It seems like as time passes, our history fades. We used to be proud of what made us different – now we suppress it.

As a country we need to be better, be who we used to be. Help those people who look for refuge in our country. One thing our nation’s history has taught me is we came together regardless of the differences in people. That’s what made our country great! The ability to accept and understand and proceed to help Thy Neighbor.

In today’s society we lose sight of what makes us human. At some point in our lives we need a helping hand. I don’t care how rich or how smart you are. We all eventually end up in a situation were we need to ask someone else for help. The way things have been lately is it’s every woman and man for themselves, people becoming more wrapped around technology and self perceptions than looking around and seeing what differences they can make in someone else’s life. I guess it’s become easier to mind our own business than get involved, and in the end, it blowing up in our face.

Lately I noticed this country comes together as one when a tragic death makes an impact in our community. I reflect back to all the men and women who serve this country to make it better. We celebrate Independence Day, not taking a moment to really appreciate the sacrifices that were made to make this country what it is today. I’m more proud to be American when our country does positive productive moves. Our nation’s population is being reflected with our country’s actions.

You can say making America great again starts with all of us individually. We used to be called the Melting Pot, a Land of Diversity.

Being an American is more than lighting up a grill and shooting fire works. Being American to me is sharing a vision that can connect all of us as one. That is the ambition of wanting to do better and be better.

Making America Great has nothing to do with race or color: it has to do with what we do as individuals to make our country a better place.