Benefit Street community garden revived! Needs growers for next season!


Dear REC Members and Supporters,

I really appreciate this time of year. Colder temperatures and shorter days signal the end of the growing season, and I get a chance to retreat to the office to spend time reflecting on the busy summer season.

This summer, I had the pleasure of working with 40 freshman students from University Park Campus School (UPCS). Our mission was to revive the Benefit Street Community Garden. As a result of a decline in the number of community gardeners, the garden was beginning to resemble a pristine meadow sandwiched between two apartment buildings, rather than an active community garden.

Over the course of three weeks, we packed the REC pickup truck full of tall grasses, and overgrown weeds. We picked up trash within the garden and along the street. We cleared paths, and spread compost. We outlined plots for future community gardeners, established a perennial butterfly and herb garden, and even set aside a garden plot for UPCS.

The garden transformation was incredible. Each day neighbors walked by and thanked us for our hard work. Some even signed up to garden in 2015. The students were a huge help in getting Benefit Street Garden back up and running. Their hard work has motivated other community members to get involved, and has contributed to a greater positive impact within the neighborhood. If you or someone you know is interested in growing at any of the 37 community gardens within the city, sign up [below].

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Stacie Brimmage

UGROW Coordinator