BERNIE’S in style!

Feel the Bern!!!!!

From the Worcester for Bernie Sanders (for President) crew!

Democratic Presidential Debate tonight (Sun) at 9 pm

The last debate before the Iowa Caucuses!

The debate is being held in South Carolina and hosted by NBC and YouTube.  Don’t miss it!  Make sure your family friends and neighbors don’t miss it!

Debate Watching Party tonight

8 pm – 12 pm

… at the Sahara Restaurant, 143 Highland St. (at West St.)  

Come join We Want Bernie Worcester and a jolly crowd of Bernie supporters to cheer on our guy! Bring a friend!


Phone Banking Every Day, 7 days a week from 10 am to 9 pm

from our new Worcester Campaign Office at 256 Park Ave.  

This is critical work.  We have only 6 1/2 weeks left until the Massachusetts Primary, and we need to reach and identify hundreds of thousands of Bernie voters in that time, so we can get them out to the polls!  People, once they get going, seem to be having a good time making these calls!  Please consider signing up for a regular weekly shift, or come in once to get trained up and get your feet wet!  

Call Lisa Mosczynski at 508-341-4876to discuss this and set up a time!


Ward, Town and Precinct Captains needed to lead the door to door work, talking to our neighbors, getting their commitments to vote for Bernie on March 1.  

The canvassing in Mass starts very soon. 

Can you step up to lead a team in your town or neighborhood?

We still need the loan of computers and phones.  Contact Chris Horton or Lisa with your offer.


Grand Opening/Open House at the Worcester Bernie Campaign Office

The Open House yesterday was a great success.  Peak attendance, despite a raw morning, was over 60, with a total of 85 sign-ins, including many new volunteers! 

See photos at


From Peter Reilly’s blog in Forbes – Capitalist Tool (!):
Paul Feeney. the campaign’s Massachusetts State Director, led off.  He told us that his organizing experience came from the labor movement, which accounts for him calling us brothers and sisters. I see from his linked-in profile that he was a legislative director for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers before signing on with the campaign.  He told us that Bernie’s campaign was a departure from traditional transactional politics.  He went through the litany of goals finishing with universal single payer health care, which got a rousing cheer.  The bus from the nurses union parked out front might have helped with that.

Next up was Mary Keefe, a Worcester State Rrep.  She said that Bernie was somebody that you might not agree with on everything, but you could trust him.  She reminisced about being able to go to the Mass College of Arts for $250 per semester.  Back in the day, you could tell your mechanic father and stay at home mom that you wanted to be an artist and they would tell you that was great, work hard in the summer to earn your tuition.  There is this odd thing that stories like that sometimes make me think that Bernie is actually the most conservative candidate.

Lisa Mosczynski, the Regional Field Director, was up next.  She said she was going to be very demanding of people bugging them to go out canvassing and work the phone banks.  She said, quoting Ed Markey, that “We don’t agonize.  We organize”.