Blackout in Wonderpoopland!

Here’s Wonderpoop’s 2007 post on Bancroft Tower. Where are your pics of this Worcester landmark, guy? Why did you replace them with the black boxes (see below)?!

Mr. I-libel-everybody, steal-everybody’s-content/art but whine when someone returns the favor!

And you hide your identity!



R. T.
Mr. City Manager tear down that gate!

By Wonderpoop

Bancroft Tower is an imposing Worcester landmark that deserves better. And so do we. For unknown reasons our city fathers decided long ago to bar access to the tower proper.

The tower was the first structure I noticed when I moved to Worcester. Within hours after my arrival I was standing in front of the tower. Awed by its medieval connotations; disappointed by the locked gates.
I’ve often fantasized about living in that thing and seriously thought about buying it from the city. My wife, ever so rational, thought I was daft and threatened to have me locked up if I so much as inquired at city hall. I did. They hung up. I’m still free.

I still venture up there, like many others, to enjoy the albeit, limited view of the city. Folks see it as a place for contemplation and escape. Those who I spoke with bemoan the situation and are unanimous that the tower gates should be opened. So what do we do?

I also wanted to post something about the history of the tower but others got the jump on me. … Who would have thought that America too has castles – Bancroft Tower.

Pssst. Not too long ago we scaled the walls. What a view!

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