BREAK THE CHAIN! We ask ALL our wonderful InCity Times readers – paper and website – to PLEASE …

… contact our city councilors to tell them YOU DON’T WANT wild animals – lions, tigers, elephants – coming to town! (THE COUNCILORS’ CONTACT NFO IS AT BOTTOM OF THIS POST!) As part of the Ringling Bros. Circus or little travelling circuses ( a few come into Worcester each year). Tell them NO WAY! Worcester does not need the $$$ – that we have plenty of entertainment in Worcester! Tell them you would gladly attend circuses that don’t use wild animals – circuses such as Cirque De Soleil, The Big Apple Circus, etc.

Tell them alpacas CAN be domesticated and are kept for wool, etc in farms in South America. Alpacas are NOT wild animals  a la lions, tigers, elephants! DO NOT fall for the smoke and mirrors peddled by the conservative rags in town!

Please call or email Mayor Joe Petty and tell him your concerns …


We have the WONDERFUL City Councilors Sarai Rivera, Konnie Lukes, Mike German and Joe O’Brien BEHIND OUR proposal! Call or email them TO THANK THEM FOR THEIR GOOD, GOOD HEARTS AND tell them you will vote for them in November. These pols – three out of the four are youngish (late 30s early 40s)  represent THE YOUTH perspective (Konnie Lukes, a lady who loves animals,  is just way cool!).

These city councilors  see THE FUTURE. REPRESENT THE FUTURE.

Reward them with your vote. AND Let’s get out the youth vote this election!

CLICK HERE for Worcester City Councilors’ addresses, etc.

Thank you!

Rosalie Tirella

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