Bye bye, Woo Dems!

By Rosalie Tirella

FILE - In this April 13, 1934 file photo, President Franklin D. Roosevelt smiles as he speaks to a Congressional welcoming committee which met him at Union Station on his return to Washington. (AP Photo)
FILE – In this April 13, 1934 file photo, President Franklin D. Roosevelt smiles as he speaks to a Congressional welcoming committee which met him at Union Station on his return to Washington. (AP Photo)

Love these guys, especially THOMAS FRANK. LISTEN TO HIM AT THE 45-MINUTE MARK in the podcast below. Frank’s right: the Democrats are an elitist group that fails to support the American majority – ORDINARY WORKING people. You have an issue – you call or visit your DEMOCRATIC politicians in the Worcester area, the pols for whom you voted year after year after year … the glib, stupid politicians you, a Democrat, supported and believed in! Now you look to these losers for help. You’re 59/60 years old and never asked any of them for help. Now you, a working class woman who idolizes FDR, JFK and Truman, is in trouble and need help from the government, from social service agencies the Dems throw money at … and you get NOTHING FROM YOUR WORCESTER COUNTY DEMOCRATIC POLS. McGovern, Moore, Chandler, Petty…all pointless! You suddenly realize: THIS IS WHY DONALD TRUMP GOT ELECTED! The Dems used to deliver for the peeps, but now they don’t. They do not care one whit about you, people like you: they are a snobbish, upper-middle class clique who do little but think highly of themselves and hang out with people who are also out of touch with regular people. Your working class needs go unmet. You realize the Democrats are as disconnected from your problems as the Republicans are! More so!!!

Remember when the Democrats actually DID SOMETHING FOR THE POOR or WORKING CLASS? Remember LBJ …FDR … TEDDY ROOSEVELT?? They smashed the ball out of the ball park. They gave GIs homes and college educations. They pushed for affordable housing. Raising the minimum wage to a living wage. Health care … caring for the elderly, preserving our natural wonders through the creation of national parks (TR).

Now, it’s just lip service with the Dems. Most regular folks are ignored by these political poops. The new, febrile Democratic party (since the 1980s, actually) help, connect with, give the favors to their rich, professional pals. To have Holly at Congressman Jim McGovern’s office ignore you. Be rude. To get no call back from Petty. To have Moore’s office blow you off. I have whined to folks, told them: to have Rcap, CMHA, the senior center, elder services of Worcester county, all the Democrats and democratic agencies that get the Dem funding$$$, to see them do so little when they can do so much is mind blowing. They are just money pits. My friends have said: Rose, that’s Worcester. That’s typical. And then they recount their experiences with Democratic politicians in Worcester County – the people, THE PUBLIC SERVANTS, they called for help with their important life issues – and they got nowhere, too! No call backs. No real effort by anybody. No MAJOR CHANGES IN PUBLIC POLICY. Just a bunch of clubby, chubby, lazy losers. So my pals stopped voting. Now I will stop voting, too.

The Dems, like the Republicans, do very little but they get a lot. And they ignore regular folks – the people they should serve, the voters they used to treat with respect – the former lifeblood of the Democratic party! The workers! The working class!

No more. The working class vote Republican.

And this is why 13% of Worcester’s registered voters vote come election time. Why should we? Politicians don’t deliver for most of us. They don’t care about our problems, our lives. They don’t even pretend to … So the Republicans get the vote of the Democrat like me – the one who’s been betrayed by and lied to and feels disillusioned with all the phoney Worcester Democrats.

Yes, former President Donald Trump was a bigot, a vulgarian and a horrible human being, but often he spoke the truth!! He said the average American was screwed … from all sides. Our cities often sucked. Our lives were hard. Crime and violence were a pall over the nation. China was destroying us. NAFTA was the pits. We worked but never really got ahead. He said the pols in office were out of touch with our challenges, our pain, and he was going to change all that.

But Trump was a freakin’ disaster.

As are the Republicans.

As are the Dems. You can add the DEMOCRATS to the dung hill!

I didn’t vote last election cycle – and don’t plan to vote whenever the next election rolls around. I’ll be doing more important things, like sorting my sock drawer or trimming my toenails.