Candidate endorsements (the gals we recommended and why)

By Rosalie Tirella

We ask(ed) the good people of Worcester to get out and vote! We ask(ed) the good people of Worcester to cast their ballots for:

* District 4 City Councilor: Barbara Haller

Vote for Barbara Haller!

Spend some time with Barbara Haller, and you’ll quickly realize she has reached a kind of spiritual zenith in (what has become, I think) the dream of her life-time.

Her journey with her beloved District 4 continues, her love for its people still strong and pure.ย Don’t believe that crap about sweet heart deals! She and her partner Frank Z. were investing in the heart of Main South when no one would touch it with a 10-foot pole, that is no one but out-of-town or in-town developers who wanted to buy property cheap, fix it up cheap, and flip it (sell it) for big profits -the neighborhood be damned. I find it hilarious/pathetic that T & G columnist Clive McFarlane a Black man whose people are so blatantly helped by Haller’s good works (safer streets, safer three deckers, fewer crimes in neighborhoods, less prostitution, fewer drugs, etc, MORE cops) should be so-anti Haller. McFarlane has obviously never lived in Main South or the inner-city (like this writer and B. Haller). He has absolutely no appreciation for the scumbags who will take over a struggling, inner-city neighborhood, if given half the chance, and the deadly damage these scumbags can cause. Fewer District 4 residents have OD’d, died, been held up, been pimped, etc because of Haller – and her tough stance on inner-city blight, crime, noise, drugs, thugs. These are Haller’s hallmarks – Haller’s accomplishments.

Haller, who is running for her fifth term, is so committed to District 4 that her role as City Councilor for the poorest, most complex area of the city, has become a kind of calling for her. She breathes District 4 the way Martin Luther King Jr. breathed Civil Rights. She is District 4.

No one works harder for her constituents than Haller. I spent a day with her recently – as I have done in the past – and I was amazed. Her passion is still there. Her energy – and she is HIGH ENERGY – is still there. She is up early and patrolling – and I mean patrolling – her neighborhoods. A guy lying on the street, syringes in a park, a chat with a guy in a three decker, a meeting with neighborhood crime watches and other neighborhood groups, a meeting with City Manager Mike O’Brien to fill him in on her distrcit’s needs. This lady just goes and goes and goes. And she accomplishes a lot – none of Haller’s energy is wasted. She is methodical, intelligent. She follows up and follows through.

You cannot get better than Barbara Haller. We all owe her our thanks for her selflessness. We hope she is District 4 City Councilor forever. We want to grow old with Barb!

Vote for Barbara Haller!

Konstantina Lukes for Mayor!

Vote for Konnie!

We love Konnie! She’s smart and sassy! She’s articulate and passionate! She holds her own with the bib boys – and often bests them. She excudes confidence when she deals with the big boys – many who are so full of themselves they haven’t taken the time out to realize they’re … dopes. It’s geat that there’s Lukes as foil. Lukes as someone who won’t take what they dish out!

Every gal who has a dream to be a politician or a professinal (anything, really) can look to Lukes and see how it’s done: beautifully. With professionalism and panache. With gravitas and gusto! She is a super role model for striving females everywhere.

And yet, this – her sparkle/intelligence – is what seems to get her into trouble with the press (T & G) and the big boys/players in town. They, it seems, want “handmaidens.” Lukes will never be anyone’s handmaiden!

But yet – and we love this, too – Lukes can tap into her inner girl. She is – contrary to what her detractors say – a consensus builder. She does cooperate and nurture and bring people together and work to bring out the best in people – give them opportunities to grow. And she does it all quite modestly. She doesn’t toot her own horn like the boys do! We wish she would – that way more people would get to know all the good things she has done for this city.

Then go out and vote for Konstantina Lukes – Mayor of Worcester (and don’t forget to also vote for her a city councilor at large)

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