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From Chef Joey: Healthy Snacks for All to Enjoy!😊

By Chef Joey

ICT_Yum Yums-edited
Joe Joe: now a proud Papa!

It’s all back! The fall season, school and me! It has been a while, but I am back at CECELIA with my trusty pen and a few easy tips for healthy snacks.

My Miss Gigi is in now in her second year of school and growing at a rapid rate that is fueled by a never-ending supply of snacks!
Toss in a few neighborhood kids during play time in our backyard and the volume goes up!


Popcorn is a safe, fun snack and very cost friendly when there is a plethora of hungry kids. …
Yellow or white: both are healthy choices! pics:Rose T.

A pan, a drop of oil and 10 minutes gets you a snack. And if you shake some parmesan cheese on top, you add a splatter of protein and flavor, and your “Smart Food” just cost you a whole lot less.

Cookies, small cakes and muffins are always the safe way to go. Hermits, for example, are quick, easy to make, tasty as can be and full of healthy goodies like eggs and real molasses (recipe below).

My other favorite thing to make with molasses are cookies. You do not need to add extra sugar, and they’re loaded with eggs, cinnamon and ginger – kids love them! (recipe below)

Small cakes are fun, too, and easy to store and portion out. I bought mini-cupcake tins this year and make batches of 24 mini-cakes that I freeze. Pop them into the lunch bag and they are fresh and thawed by lunch! Google any cake mix and divide it in half – this gives you a smaller batch to make. I usually put in less sugar than the recipe calls for. A bag of flour is significantly less expensive than 1 box of premade mix and much healthier – and takes the same amount of time.

We all know about the healthy yogurt drinks/pouches and apple sauces that are available – finally unsweetened. These are a fantastic addition to a bag lunch and more appealing to a young kid than an apple!

Lunches can be boring, but not if you change the salad parameters! Subbing quinoa for salad greens is great, and you can add a protein (tofu cubes, tuna, diced chicken etc.), cook a double batch of the ancient grains and let them cool.

Garbanzo beans = yummy hummy!

You can literally add anything: chopped red onions, scallions, shredded carrots, diced cukes or even feta cheese. Season with a great salad dressing, and you have a healthy multi-grain lunch that is low in calories and high in fiber. I also sub quinoa or faro for couscous and make tabbouleh with it – simply add chopped scallions, parsley, mint, diced cukes, tomato too if you want – add fresh lemon juice and some olive oil to taste – salt and pepper and you have another option that does not go soggy!

For lunches, I try and mix up the sandwiches. I start with fresh bread – Gigi loves Syrian bread, sometimes I make 3 cheese sandwiches – and a smear of butter inside – it’s a lactose delight that fills the tummy. I cut these in small pieces so it is more of a snack than a sandwich. The important thing to remember is making something that your kids like to begin with and turn it into something else – baked salmon, cold mixed with a little dill, mayo and a touch of Dijon mustard makes a great salmon spread instead of tuna! Frozen 4 oz wild filets are cost effective for this tasty lunch.

Taking the time to shop and look at the prices per pound is the way to shop – don’t hesitate to buy sale items and freeze them.

You can freeze fruit!

Another favorite is pork cutlets. Cut them thin, pound them out a little, pat them with flour in a bowl, beat 2 eggs, and in another bowl add some seasoned breadcrumbs. Dip in the egg, then the crumbs, and fry lightly until golden brown. Dry on a paper towel and place in the fridge – always a tasty snack! You can do this with chicken, veal or turkey! No bread needed!!


🙂🙂Molasses cookies🙂🙂

1 ½ cups soft butter (room temp to blend)
½ cup white sugar
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup molasses
2 eggs
4 ½ cups flour
4 tsp baking soda
1 tbsp ground ginger
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp cround cloves
½ tsp salt

Mix the dry ingredients together – whip the butter until fluffy, add molasses and one egg at a time until light and fluffy.

Add the dry ingredients and mix well.

Chill mix for an hour.

Heat oven to 350 degrees – roll out into small balls and place on cookie sheet – bake 8 to10 minutes, depending on your oven and cool on a rack.

These cookies can be stored for up to 3 months!


1/3 cup raisins (cover in boiling water while prepping)
1 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
½ tsp ground ginger
½ tsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp salt
¼ cup molasses
3 tbsp butter melted
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla
1/3 cup walnuts (optional)

Mix the molasses, butter, egg and vanilla – and fold in the rest – drain the raisins first.

Spread the batter (on parchment paper is ideal) using wet hands and form into a rectangle (divide batter into 2 batches, if you have small pans). You want the rectangle to be about 2 inches wide and 1 inch high to cut it into 1 x 2 cookies.

Bake at 375 degrees until the edges are crisp – around 10 to 15 mins. Cut into strips and cool on a rack!

Enjoy! And get plenty of recess!😉

🍅More new, tasty, HEALTHY Chef Joey recipes!🍁


🌄Text and pics by Chef Joey🍁


This recipe is so easy, you won’t believe it! You add what you like and use Quinoa grains as your base. You can also sub couscous, orzo pasta or rice.

Brown rice is best!

Generally: 1 cup COOKED per serving, serve chilled.

If you want to make tabbouleh, add chopped parsley, mint, scallions or red onions.♥️♥️

I add diced cucumbers, lemon juice and olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste


Feta tomato and tuna – add diced tomato, one can of tuna, and a handful of crumbled feta (more if you want!). Use the Dijon vinaigrette dressing below.


Tomato, cucumber and tofu – Mix with the Dijon dressing and no grains or rice makes a great salad, too!

1 clove garlic, diced fine, one tbsp Dijon mustard, 1 tbsp red vine or cider vinegar, ¼ cup oil. Mix the garlic mustard and vinegar in a bowl, slowly whisk in oil.

It should form a thicker dressing like mayonnaise, double as needed – salt and pepper to taste!



Worcester City Councilor Konnie Lukes’ swan song??? … and Monday wrap-up !🐈📺🌻🇺🇸

Cece❤️❤️ this a.m! (and Lilac ❤️) pic: R.T.

In Disasters, Animals Need to Get Out – Not Tough it Out!

By Lindsay Pollard-Post

“Don’t tough it out. Get out.” That was a FEMA official’s no-nonsense warning to residents in the path of powerful Hurricane Dorian. To that, we would add, “And take your animals with you.”

Even after the painful lessons of past hurricanes, including Katrina, Harvey and Irma, vulnerable cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and other animals are still routinely left behind in evacuations. It’s a terrifying—and often deadly—situation for animals, who are even less equipped to survive a disaster than we are. That’s why it’s vital for every animal guardian to have a plan in place — long before an emergency strikes — to ensure that all members of the family make it out safely.

PETA’s Animal Rescue Team has seen firsthand the trauma that animals endure when left behind to “tough it out” amid hurricane floodwaters and flying debris. During Katrina and Harvey, they scooped stranded animals from rooftops, balconies, floating mattresses, shelves and vehicle roofs. They even found one kitten mewing desperately from a precarious perch on top of an umbrella in a flooded yard. Those were the “lucky” ones: Countless other animals drowned, trapped in crates or left chained up or penned in backyards with no escape from the rising waters.

Why were these animals — and so many others — left behind? For many, it was likely because of a lack of planning: According to a recent survey, 91% of animal guardians are not prepared for a natural disaster.

While Hurricane Dorian was relatively slow-moving, many other hurricanes and disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes and tornadoes don’t come with much, if any, warning. In the frantic scramble to gather supplies, load up the car and get on the road, animals whose guardians haven’t planned ahead are in danger of being overlooked.

Please, don’t let this happen. Start by mapping out possible evacuation routes so you have multiple options for leaving quickly with your animals. Since many emergency shelters do not allow animals, it’s vital to find out in advance where you and your animals can stay if you must leave your home. Hotel chains are a good option (many will waive their “no animals” policy during emergencies) as are campgrounds and the homes of friends and family members. Offer to return the favor if the need arises.

In an emergency, you may not have time to run around gathering up all of your animals’ necessities, so assemble an emergency kit ahead of time. Include a carrier (for small animals) and/or a leash and harness to keep animals secure and prevent them from bolting in a frightening, unfamiliar situation. Also pack bowls, towels, a favorite toy, a blanket and a week’s worth of food, bottled water and medications. Have your animals microchipped and ensure that they wear identification tags (whenever they leave home, not just in hurricanes).

If you truly have no choice but to evacuate without your animals, do not leave them tied up or confined to crates, pens or hutches. Any of these scenarios is a virtual deathtrap, as animals will have no way of escaping rising waters. Instead, give them a chance by leaving them indoors with access to upper floors. Provide at least a 10-day supply of dry food, and fill sinks, bathtubs and large containers with water for them to drink. Put signs on windows and doors indicating the number and species of animals inside, as rescue workers may be able to save them.

Our animal companions depend on us for everything — especially in the face of chaos and danger. Don’t wait for an emergency to strike. Make a plan now so if the worst does happen, you and your animal companions won’t have to tough it out. You can get out — together❤️.


From Team Beto:

🇺🇸Vote 🇺🇸Beto O’Rourke for President!🇺🇸

Beto shook up the debate by calling for the ban and buyback of assault weapons. Now the pundits and politicians say it can’t be done. They say we shouldn’t even try.

This is exactly what’s wrong in our democracy. Some politicians pay attention to polls instead of people. Candidates make political calculations based off of fear instead of facts.

Now we face a big test. The refrain we hear from the pundits is that, by taking a courageous stand, Beto may have shot his own campaign in the foot. They think that our big ideas will sink us. We can prove them wrong right now by showing a big surge in our fundraising before our official FEC deadline. Can you make a contribution to Beto right now to say you’re proud to support a candidate who says what he believes and fights for it?

We can always count on Beto embrace the courage of his convictions. He did it in the race for Texas, and he does it now running for president.

We are doing what is right, not limiting ourselves by what people tell us is possible.

We’re not going to run scared from the NRA or anyone else.

In a time of endless triangulation, 30-second TV ads and tired one-liners, the American people are ready for courageous leadership. If you agree, we need your help today before our big FEC deadline:

Thank you for helping us prove our case today.

To contribute via check, please address to Beto for America campaign, P.O. Box 3628 El Paso, TX 79923.




Worcester City Councilor Konnie Lukes’s Swan Song?

Text and photos by Rose T.

Konnie Lukes posing for an early InCity Times summer swimsuit issue. A good sport! file pics.

Root out racism at City Hall 5-17-16
City Hall – council chambers … No Konnie in 2020 – she’s not running for re-election. file photo, courtesy of Gordon Davis.

From City Hall … the Worcester City Council agenda for tomorrow night:

❤️Request City Manager request City Solicitor provide City Council with a legal opinion regarding the process of instituting a residential rent control program and the resulting impact of implementing such a program. (Lukes)

❤️Request City Manager provide City Council with an update of all PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) programs instituted in the last ten years and are currently still in effect.

❤️Request City Manager report to City Council concerning the status of the public shade tree trust and what type of alternative program can be initiated requiring payment for the loss and replacement of public shade trees which have been lost or are dying as a result of leaking gas pipes. (Lukes)

WOW. BEAUTIFUL REQUESTS (the ❤️s are ours) PUT ON THE CITY COUNCIL AGENDA by departing City Councilor at Large Konnie Lukes!

Could Konstantina’s imminent departure from the Worcester City Council mean she is being PROACTIVE – dumped her naysayer doll pose for her final four months on the council?!


If only Konnie had displayed this kind of vision and Woo-love last year! Or the year before! This is the real Konnie Lukes Worcester voters fell in love with decades ago!

Instead, as the years rolled on Konnie got bitter … whined on the council floor about POW WOW WORCESTER murals being too depressing. She ran for mayor last election cycle just to give incumbent Joe Petty a pain in his butt. She allowed her hubby’s rental property in Green Island to make the papers – and created a new low for Worcester’s slumlords to “aspire” to! Horrific digs, Konnie!

So, of course, the city frowned …

But look! Tomorrow night! These wonderful requests by Konnie Lukes – as if she’s reading the minds of us Worcesterites and getting IN FRONT OF, AHEAD OF, these important urban issues, these BIG Worcester challenges! As if she cares passionately again!

Maybe Konnie’ll miss Woo’s voters and nonvoters. Maybe this is her swan song:

❤️Rent Control, affordable housing for the regular folks in Worcester

The colleges DON’T DO ENOUGH FOR THE CITY! Holy Cross, Assumption, WPI and Becker must ❤️step up – as Clark has – and DO MORE FOR THE PEEPS OF WORCESTER!

❤️Trees! We love them – and need them! Especially in our inner-city neighborhoods!

C’mon, Konnie! Hit a home run at City Hall – bases loaded! BRING US ALL HOME!

We remember the Konnie we all loved!

Bill Coleman runs, Bill Coleman sends wrong photos … and more🌻🇺🇸🎶!

Perennial Worcester City Council candidate Bill Coleman was supposed to send me some photos of the Democratic Convention in Springfield where he’s manning an information table this weekend (even though half of Worcester’s political class thinks he’s a Republican). I asked Billy to take and send me a few pics of the big political gathering yesterday. In classic Bill Coleman fashion, Billy did the opposite – sent me about a billion old and newer photos of HIMSELF. Zero of the convention. Grrrrrrrr ….

This is why Bill Coleman has trouble getting Worcester voters to take him seriously. We love him, but …

– Rose T.

Bill Coleman photos, from, by, about, re: Bill Coleman😡!!!:

Bill, left, and Congressman Jim McGovern

Billy has been running for various and sundry political slots with these signs for 20+ years!

Bill at the podium

Bill with a Bill banner🇺🇸

From Billy – a Woo history buff

Billy made this huge Woo mosaic – a very cool community art project!

Here is Bill, right, unveiling his Worcester mosaic project outside Worcester City Hall.

Billy, today, a senior hanging with the Woo seniors for whom he’s always advocated💚!:

Billy began his political adventure in Worcester eons ago!!:
Billy🙂, when we were all younger😉 …

He wrote for us, when InCity Times was a baby. One of my fave ICT cover stories, by Billy:
Cool cover, if I may say so myself!

– cutlines by Rose T.



Go, 🇺🇸🇺🇸unions🇺🇸🇺🇸!:

Did you know the City of Worcester STILL has not signed off on the Paw Sox stadium project CBA?!

Why is this? Because the developer across Kelley Square – Madison properties of Boston, the guy building the hotels, offices and more on my side of Kelley Square REFUSES TO SIGN off on the Neutrality Clause – which gives our local and state/national union reps the right to go onto his work site to talk with/connect with workers. Giving unions the right to organize.

Yep! Get the job done as cheaply as possible, Canal District gentrifiers! Exploit Green Island and other Worcester laborers! Pay them crap – not the baseline $15/hour unions are demanding!

Rose’s old ‘hood, off Kelley Square. It’s now a non-union mess, thanks to the developers of the massive Paw/Woo Sox stadium project who won’t sign the neutrality clause. pic/text: Rose T.

Work continues at Kelley Square cuz city leaders DID SIGN OFF on the main agreement.

The Canal District becomes more gentrified – on the backs of the working poor of my old stamping grounds and the city’s inner-city poor/working class!

– Rose T.



Don Draper. Rewatching Mad Men. Wow. All over again:

Such a brilliant song about the perils of advertising!

Rose first heard this Stones greatest hits lp at the Winthrop House Girls Club when she was 10 and playing Jacks with her cousin! She’s had the album since she was 15😉!

Wednesday wrap-up🇺🇸☑️📘🌻


Our complex country ❤️❤️❤️❤️. pics: Rose T.

9/11 – The day, 18 years ago today, America changed – for the worse, we fear. Our 9/11 First Responders (fire, police, AND their search dogs, mostly labs) who are lethally sick from their work in hell that day and those following weeks … and yet for years they had to go groveling to Congress for their health care funds/support. GITMO is a national disaster – and a money pit. Former President George W. Bush was strong on that day but, thanks to his evil genius Veep Dick Cheney who was in his brain, Bush went on to unnecessarily invade Iraq and create havoc all over the Mid East. The chaos ensues … Thousands of civilians are dead … millions of displaced people, refugees, looking for a new home country …

President Donald TRUMP MUST GO – HIS INVITE TO the TERRORISTS RIGHT BEFORE THE 9/11 anniversary shows the world he is not playing with a full deck, he is dangerous – a pox on the entire planet!

– Rosalie Tirella



A good thing! The City of Worcester Inspection Services is coming down today to my apartment to see the code violations at 36 Blackstone River Road, Worcster!

Thank you, City of Worcester!

Maybe I’ll get another stove! And bathroom floor!

36 Blackstone River Road stove:


Needs new tiles, my bathroom:


Garbage from ex-tenant on first floor back porch:

And the Worcester Police Department responded… Police officers were here – with good advice! Took reports, too.

Thank you, officers!

– Rosalie Tirella




By Steven R. Maher

High hopes that Democrats would eke out a win in yesterday’s North Carolina election, which was supposed to serve as a bellwether of a blue (Dem) November 2020 landslide, were dashed by Republican candidate Dan Bishop’s 96,081 to 92,144 win over Democrat Dan McCready – a close race. (The election figures are from the New York Times.)

The deeply red district was voting in what was called the last campaign of 2018.

Reported the Huffington Post: “On election night in November 2018, McCready believed he’d lost to pastor Mark Harris by 905 votes, conceded and left for a family vacation to Disney World. But Harris never made it to Congress. Credible allegations that a Republican contractor illegally submitted hundreds of mail-in ballots in order to steal the race forced the state board of elections to order an unprecedented new election. Harris, after questions arose about his knowledge of the scheme, bowed out of a rematch.”

Democrats were hopeful that growing national distaste with President Donald Trump’s behavior gave them a shot at the seat. Additionally, Bishop “… is the author of North Carolina’s infamous ‘bathroom bill,’ which targeted transgender people by mandating they use public facilities corresponding to the sex on their birth certificates” reports the Huffington Post.

Bishop ran on a pro-Trump platform, said the Post: “He tightly embraced Trump’s harsh anti-immigrant positions, and an early TV ad from his campaign linked McCready to progressive Democrats it dubbed ‘crazy liberal clowns’: Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) and Ilhan Omar (Minn.), and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).”

Trump pulled out all the stops to elect Bishop, barnstorming the state, along with Veep Mike Pence the day before the election.

The best McCready and the Democrats can do now is claim that Bishop’s margin of defeat – 2% – is far less that Trump’s 2016 12% margin of victory over Hillary Clinton.



Paris girl: Lilac ♥️!

“The Liberation of Paris: How Eisenhower, De Gaulle, and Von Cholitz Saved the City of Light” by Jean Edward Smith, Simon and Shuster, New York (2019, 242 pages).

Reviewed by Steven R. Maher

This book is a well written and researched account of how Paris, France, survived being destroyed as it was liberated during World War II. The writing is unusually clear. There are no wordy, literary flourishes. The author achieved both clarity and conciseness in retelling this important historical episode.

The Paris story revolves around three individuals:

• General Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower. The commander in chief of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe, Ike ultimately gave the order to liberate Paris when he was notified that a faction of Communists within the resistance movement might attempt an uprising on their own and try to set up a Communist state before the Americans arrived. Eisenhower had lived in France for a year and, after the end of the war, went on to serve two terms as U.S. President.

• General Charles De Gaulle, the leader of the free French forces in World War II, who wanted the U.S. to capture Paris to prevent a Communist government from ultimately taking power. This book lays out De Gaulle’s excruciating – at times – relationship with his American and British allies.

• Commander of the German garrison in Paris: Dietrich Von Cholitz. On 1 August 1944, Cholitz took up his command and, the next day, Hitler instructed him to be prepared to destroy any Parisian religious building or historical monument.

Hitler sent this order by cable: “Paris must not fall into enemy hands except as a field of ruins.”

On August 25, 1944, Cholitz surrendered the Paris garrison, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world was saved from destruction!

How we got from Cholitz’s appointment to the saving of Paris, the reader can learn by reading this book.


VOTE today, Sept. 10! Worcester polls open until 8 p! … + … We forgot to endorse JOE and BILL 🇺🇸🇺🇸!

Wow. How could we have forgotten about Bill Coleman and our very own mayor – Joseph Petty – when we posted our political endorsements yesterday?

This morning we woke up …
… and remembered! pic: R.T.


VOTE FOR JOSEPH PETTY – our mayor and city healer: the politician who brings us all together, a man WHO IS FOR ALL OF US – Woo’s poor city kids, bike riders, school teachers, cops, environmentalists, small biz folks, the Paw Sox and their gentrifier boosters, the comfy, entitled middle class West Siders, the struggling Green Islanders …

The city is doing well on so many levels because we have a mayor that – unlike former Woo mayors Ray Mariano and Jordan Levy – doesn’t suck up all the oxygen in a room. Doesn’t have a big fat mouth like they did. Or a HUGE EGO. Or fight Konnie Luke’s proposals at every turn. Or hold grudges. Or get vindictive. Or stay provincial. Nope. Mayor Joseph Petty, who’s seeking re-election as councilor and mayor, just quietly brings people together – to build a better Worcester. And he’s not bizarrely ambitious like Tim Murray, now screwing the working guy and gal as executive director of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce. Nope. Joe wants everyone to WORK TOGETHER. For the benefit of our youth, our homeless folks, our minority WPS students, our city parks …

Joe’s a good person. Thoughtful. Easy to talk with. And he follows through.


Worcester Mayor Joseph Petty at Worcester’s WPD Night Out in Main South. file photo: Ron O’Clair



Yes, we know: This perennial city council candidate promised – like ol’ Gary Rosen – that he wouldn’t run for POLITICAL office again – that he’d hang up his VOTE BILL COLEMAN signs🇺🇸 for good. That he’d be the political elder statesman we hoped he’d become – advising young pols just coming up…



What has the City got to lose? Is D 3 City Councilor George Russell any more intelligent or impressive? What has LONGTIME political everything Gary Rosen done on our City Council these past two years? Not much. Kate Toomey? Loved by the WFD and WPD … but why???? Equally unimpressive.

William (Bill) Coleman IS A GOOD GUY WHO ACTUALLY DOES LOTS OF HANDS ON stuff for WORCESTER’S folks. He was a nutrition teacher for UMass Extension for many years – working with and running classes for our WPS students. And other city kids.

He’s painted American Flags 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 all over Worcester – and the East Coast.

He’s easy to talk with. He tries to help.

He gets involved with city projects, like our Lincoln Square monument to WORCESTER’S Fallen Black Soldiers …

He attends Worcester City Council meetings – often floating GREAT IDEAS. But sometimes there’s little follow through… Bill’s onto the next GRAND WORCESTER IDEA!

Billy knows all the Woo players. They’ve given him the cold shoulder for years! This is WRONG. Bill lives and loves WORCESTER, but our movers and shakers have frozen him out – like they have many Woo minorites through the years. Hopefully, city politics is changing – for the better.

Bill knows Worcester history. He is fascinated by our political past – not depressed like so many of us! He’s an optimist! That is a good thing!!

Here he is, years ago, putting up shelves in my first Woo apartment:
Billy!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 file pic: Rose T.

Billy worked hours that day – so nice to my dog Grace. So enthusiastic for the new InCity Times! He brought the 20 or so shelves and braces, and with his electric drill created a newspaper “morgue” in my spare bedroom.

I never forgot that – and his other favors through the years.

BILL HAS HELPED so many folks in Worcester! He deserves to be elected to city council to serve the City he loves!


– Rosalie Tirella

Worcester, VOTE🇺🇸🇺🇸 tomorrow, Tues., Sept. 10! … + more!🍁🍎

first …

World’s First Vegan Investment Fund: a True Bull Market!

By Jessica Bellamy

Rose with her coffee this a.m. She’s thrilled animal rights is FINALLY happening IN A MAJOR WAY – ON SO MANY LEVELS!! In America, all over the world!🐔🐈🐔🌻🐣

Why did the Charging Bull cross Wall Street?

To celebrate the world’s first vegan investment fund!!

VEGN starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange this month, and it will be the first completely cruelty-free fund. With a tidal wave of people embracing a humane lifestyle, vegan investing makes good ethical and financial sense.

Demand for vegan food is so high that when KFC tested its vegan Beyond Fried Chicken last month in Smyrna, Georgia, the line of customers clamoring to try KFC sans cruelty stretched around the store, and people waited 40 minutes just to park. After the trial was announced, Beyond Meat shares increased 4%, and shares in Yum! Brands, which owns KFC, jumped 1.3%.

Other fast-food chains are already offering vegan options as standard fare, including Carl’s Jr., TGI Friday’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Del Taco and many more. Even the biggest peddlers of animal flesh are recognizing the need to provide vegan options—companies like Smithfield, for example, are adding vegan patties, meatballs and other cruelty-free proteins. Leaders like Richard Branson and Bill Gates also know that the future is vegan, and they have invested in lab-grown meat.

And it’s not just vegan food that’s booming. Sales of vegan clothing, accessories and footwear increased 54% at U.S. retail stores in the first half of 2019. Tesla is rolling out fully vegan models. Vegan executives from Fortune 500 companies are building professional networks, such as Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management, and shaping the direction of business into the future.

Smart investors know that animal agriculture involves not just abhorrent cruelty but also financial risk. Just look at the crisis hitting the animal hide market. Unused cowhides are piling up in warehouses — and in landfills — because people don’t want to drape themselves in chemically treated skin when they could instead wear fashionable, eco-friendly vegan leather made from plants or recycled fabrics. Meanwhile, sales of cruelty-free vegan leather are surging: A Grand View Research report projects that its market value will reach $45 billion by 2025.

Dairy sales are tanking, too, as consumers learn that cows are forcibly impregnated, only to have their newborn babies torn away from them so that humans can rob them of their milk, and that going dairy-free may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and other diseases.

It’s no wonder the dairy industry is panicking. In Wisconsin, legislators are pushing for the Dairy Pride Act, which would require that any product labeled “milk” come from “a hooved mammal.” According to most definitions, that would include the milk of giraffes, hippopotamuses and pigs, which, when you stop and think about it, isn’t really any more absurd than consuming the mammary secretions of cows.

Instead of pushing for inane bills in a desperate scramble to prop up a flailing industry, cow’s milk companies would be wise to evolve toward a vegan business model: Sales of dairy-free milk have grown a whopping 61% since 2012, and there’s no sign of a slowdown.

No matter how much agribusiness rails against vegan commerce, the demand for cruelty-free products and vegan investment opportunities just keeps growing. The market is delivering vegan foods, clothing, beauty products, travel options and investment opportunities in abundance, and sales reflect a sea change in the public’s spending habits—away from abusive industries and toward businesses that are kind to animals and the Earth.

It’s time to make a sensible decision with our dollars and cents — it’s time to invest vegan.



Rose today. She registered to vote in Woo as soon as she moved back to her hometown❤️!

❤️Please vote for the following CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATES❤️ …

We care about … WORCESTER’S inner-city kids, families, neighborhoods … a living wage for all workers ($15/hour), universal Pre-K for the Worcester Public Schools, MORE MINORITY TEACHERS in our schools … A SIGNED CBA for the Worcester Red Sox stadium project … Compassion for animals – wild, pets, farm animals.

These Worcester city council candidates are on the same page. Good, compassionate, progressive people!

Please vote for them tomorrow:

D1 City Councilor Matt Wally. Matt cares about his district – and beyond. He wants our inner city housing stock safe – and inventoried. So slumlords don’t exploit the poor – and Woo kids are safe and strong.

D 2 City Councilor Candy Carlson: for a living wage and the CBA

D 4 City Councilor Sarai Rivera: ditto!

At Large City Councilors:

Morris “Moe” Bergman. Pro biz but he’s got a good heart! All his kids went through the WPSchools!

Thank you!!!

– Rose T.

It’s Sunday! Skip that Sunday Chicken Dinner!🐔🐣

editor’s note: As a little kid growing up in Green Island, Rose ate the typical 1960s/70s diet: red meat, processed cold cuts, hot dogs, hamburgers and poultry. When she was 19 and living at the hippie commune💛💙 in Vermont💚, she LEARNED ALL ABOUT vegetarianism. No one at the farm ate meat, so Rose became a vegetarian, too. For the rest of her life – NO MORE MEAT OF ANY KIND, including PORK, LAMB AND chicken (sadly, a few times a year she’d stray and sit down to a chicken dinner😞). When Rose returned home from Vermont, she educated her Green Island mom and got “Cel,” an old school carnivore, to rethink her diet, too: to stop drinking Pepsi and soda and to quit eating all that red meat, those Polish cold cuts, bacon and breakfast sausages! For the next 35+ years, Cecelia pretty much eliminated red meat, hotdogs, sausages, pork and lamb from her diet, too. She did, however, make her chicken soup, from scratch, every Sunday. At Illyrian Gardens, the seniors housing complex where she lived in her old age, she was one of the healthiest seniors in the complex – her doc said she had the blood pressure of “a young teenager”!!! She was on NO MEDS, just a baby aspirin every morning, along with her vitamin pills.

Between daughter and mother, we saved hundreds of factory farm animals’ lives! Two working class ladies got WOKE – about health, and the horrors of factory farms (which supply ALL our AMERICAN supermarkets with beef cuts, pork cuts, whole and cut chickens and turkeys). They did the compassionate thing!




– Rose T.


The Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Chicken

Quite simply, chickens are the most abused animals on the planet. In the United States, approximately 9 billion chickens are killed for their flesh each year, and 305 million hens are used for their eggs. The vast majority of these animals spend their lives in total confinement—from the moment they hatch until the day they are killed.

These are our top 10 reasons to not eat chickens:

🐣1. “Bird Brain” is a Compliment!

An article in Scientific American titled “The Startling Intelligence of the Common Chicken” describes chickens as “cunning.” It goes on to say that they possess “communication skills on par with those of some primates and … [use] sophisticated signals to convey [their] intentions. When making decisions, [they take] into account … prior experience and knowledge surrounding the situation. [They] can solve complex problems and [empathize] with individuals that are in danger.” So who are you calling a “bird brain”?

Cute brown chicken

🐣2. There is a High Risk of Human Exposure to Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria Through the Food Supply

Chickens raised for their flesh are often packed by the thousands into massive sheds and fed large amounts of antibiotics and drugs to keep them alive in conditions that would otherwise kill them.

Recent documents created by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and made available as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request revealed that “none of these [antibiotic feed additives] would likely be approvable … for … livestock use if submitted today, under current FDA guidelines. Eighteen of the 30 reviewed feed additives were deemed to pose a ‘high risk’ of exposing humans to antibiotic-resistant bacteria through the food supply.” This reckless use of antibiotics makes drugs less effective for treating humans by speeding up the development of drug-resistant bacteria.

🐔😞😞3. Scalded to Death

Only seven weeks after they’re born, chickens are crowded onto trucks that transport them to the slaughterhouse. Every year, tens of millions of chickens have their wings and legs broken in the process. They are trucked through all weather extremes, sometimes over hundreds of miles, without any food or water. At slaughter, chickens are hung upside down and have their throats slit, and they’re often scalded to death in defeathering tanks.

Bloody skinned chicken

🐔🐔4. No One Stands Up for Chickens.

That May Not Hurt Your Body, But It Will Hurt Your Soul😢😢😢

Most chickens spend their entire lives in filthy sheds with tens of thousands of other birds, each getting less space than a sheet of paper, where intense crowding and confinement lead to outbreaks of disease.
Chickens in battery cages on EGG FARMS😢😢😢😢

Adult chickens can have trouble breathing and standing upright and will even topple forward because they’ve been bred to have abnormally large breasts.

The chickens suffer! They cry out in pain! America MUST MAKE FACTORY FARMS MORE HUMANE! NEW FEDERAL LAWS MUST BE ENACTED!!! Now!!!

🐔5. If You’re Eating Chicken, You’re Eating Poop

A U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) study found that more than 99 percent of broiler chicken carcasses sold in stores had detectable levels of E. coli, indicating fecal contamination. That means you are almost guaranteed to be swallowing actual POOP every time you chomp down on a dead chicken. Consumer Reports states that there are “1.1 million or more Americans sickened each year by undercooked, tainted chicken.”


One disgusting example of the damage contaminated chicken can cause involved Foster Farms. Foster Farms was forced to recall chicken products that had been linked to an outbreak of an antibiotic-resistant strain of salmonella, which had been making people sick for more than a year. The Washington Post reported, “The [USDA] inspection reports include descriptions of mold growth, cockroaches, an instance of pooling caused by a skin-clogged floor drain, fecal matter and ‘Unidentified Foreign Material’ (which has its own acronym, UFM) on chicken carcasses, failure to implement required tests and sampling, metal pieces found in carcasses, and many more.”

🐔🐔🐔6. Factory Farms are Filled With Danger and Exploitation – for human workers, too!

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, slaughterhouse workers are more than three times more likely to sustain injuries while working than workers in other manufacturing jobs.

They are also 30 times more likely to suffer from a repetitive stress injury than workers in other manufacturing jobs. The industry refuses to make working conditions safer by slowing line speeds or buying appropriate safety gear, which amounts to what Human Rights Watch calls “systematic human rights violations embedded in meat and poultry industry employment.”

Workers are often forced to work 10 or more hours a day, and in order not to slow down, they have even been reported to defecate in their pants.

Chickens hung upside down for debeaking

🐔🐔😢7. Chickens Used for Food are Crippled and Dying of Thirst!

Chickens on today’s factory farms almost always become crippled because their legs cannot support the weight of their bodies. In fact, by the age of 6 weeks, 90 percent of “broiler chickens” are so obese that they can no longer walk. Many crippled chickens on factory farms die when they can no longer reach the water nozzles.

🐣8. The Meat Industry is Actively Trying to Manipulate You!

Companies want you to believe that labels like “free-range” and “organic” mean chickens were raised without cruelty. Regardless of what the egg cartons say, most hens raised for their eggs are subjected to cramped, filthy conditions until their egg production begins to wane—when they’re about 2 years old—and then they’re typically slaughtered. More than 100 million “spent” hens are killed in slaughterhouses every year. Every year, millions of male chicks are killed — usually in a high-speed grinder called a “macerator” — because they’re worthless to the egg industry.

In his book “The Meat Racket,” Christopher Leonard details the effort that President🇺🇸 Barack🇺🇸💙💙 Obama💙💙🇺🇸 made to control the meat industry’s power over rural America. In 2010, Obama attempted to make it easier for farmers to sue meatpackers. It was a noble effort to empower individual farmers, but Big Meat’s lobbyists pulled favors in Congress and succeeded in squashing the administration’s plan.

🐣🐣🐔9. Motherly Love

Mommy and her babies!🍎💚

🐔In a natural setting, a hen will cluck to her chicks before they even hatch while sitting on the eggs in her nest. They peep back to her and to each other through their shells. On factory farms, eggs are taken from the mother as soon as they are laid and placed in large incubators — a chick will never meet his or her parents. Hens prefer to have private nests hidden from predators and will often go without food or water in order to obtain a private nest. This demonstrates the fact that hens will sacrifice their own comfort if it means protecting their chicks. On factory farms, hens are forced to lay their eggs in barren metal cages, crammed together with five to 11 other birds.

🐣10. Industries That Raise and Slaughter Chickens Are Killing Our Environment
Raising 9 billion chickens for meat on factory farms each year produces enormous amounts of excrement. Oregon State University agriculture professor Peter Cheeke says that factory farming amounts to “a frontal assault on the environment,” which leads to widespread fecal land and water pollution. Because chickens are often fed massive amounts of antibiotics and additives, these chemicals are also found in high concentrations in their feces, which means that fecal pollution from chicken farms is especially disastrous for the environment. In Maryland and West Virginia, for example, scientists discovered that male fish are growing ovaries, and they suspect that this freakish deformity is the result of factory-farm runoff from drug-laden chicken feces.

Filthy farm run-off

😉Better Than the Original!😉

Do you like the taste of chicken flesh but don’t like the suffering? No problem!! There are so many alternatives available that you’ll never miss the cruelty! Try one of Gardein’s nine different varieties of meat-free chicken, Beyond Meat’s Grilled Chicken-Free Strips, Boca Chik’n Nuggets, and Yves Meatless Chicken Burgers.These super-tasty foods are high in protein, cruelty- and cholesterol-free, and available at your local supermarket.

Instead of eggs for breakfast, check out egg-free recipes. Also, check out our egg-free baking tips:


CECELIA Book Review + more🌻🌻🎀

But first …

Grass or: Why old landlords just mow lawns (some portions of it, that is) …

Grass in Ken Buzzell’s backyard. pics: Rose T.

Why do old slumlords – old biz guys like my landlord Ken Buzzell, owner of my apt building at 36 Blackstone River Rd., Worcester, 38 Blackstone (maybe now owned by the married woman he is hot for – Dawn) and the big white building in front …

My stove in Buzzell’s apt

… why does he keep his buildings, when he does no work on them? When they are slums? RENT $$$$.

Ken Buzzell is an old Quinsig Village slumlord whose days of glory are past.

Why does Ken own his three buildings even though he doesn’t keep them up – except to get his RENT MONEY … and his old penis quivering when he mows Dawn’s lawn?:
Dawn’s lawn, mowed by Ken. The second floor in her building had a fire and is uninhabitable – but carcinogens etc are ok with Ken, though Dawn put the gas on, creating a kind of fake apartment.

Ken doesn’t mow my side of the lawn because I don’t kiss up to him – I fix my apt and demand that the shit I can’t repair be taken care of by Ken – the landlord. I’m just myself …

Rose’s lawn, front; Dawn’s in background

The City of Worcester can fine Buzzell, if he lets the grass grow too tall on my side … but the question is why??

Why would Ken mow Dawn’s lawn – and not mine?

Like I said: Fake virility. Or the feeling of a sexual high. Or the pretending of sex. Or the pretend feeling of prowess, sexual umph …

… through a few slummy old buildings that he populates with attractive young women. Married, co-habitating. Ken doesn’t care: it’s his pervy fantasy.

Ken has these buildings and sits in his gold Caddy all day long outside his garage just staring at all his rental property. …
Is Ken’s full garage even licensed to operate? It’s as dumpy as his buildings …

Why? Because Ken has no life and he’s on the lookout for Dawn and for the young hot lady tenants in his buildings. Unlike this old broad, they’re going to flatter him etc because they want the low rent and it makes THEM FEEL ATTRACTIVE … AND POWRFUL. To get the attention of a rich guy.

Even if he’s a pervy old fuck.


It’s like Ken’s the Trump of the Blackstone River Road hotties…and yet his buildings are shit: old storm windows that need to be replaced, porches that are filled with garbage furniture from previous tenants …

Window screens are pushed out and tenants throw food out of the window …

This all makes me think of the late Tony Hmura of Leader Sign Company and the late Sonny Stultz of Standard Auto Wrecking – both old guys, who were actually quite ill at the end, but still kept coming in to run their businesses because it’s all they knew … AND IT – THEIR MONEY and MONEY MAKING – MADE THEM FEEL POWERFUL, VIRILE … even though they died a few months later, practically on the job.

Like Trump … unattractiveness, impotence, maybe illness … but their money keeps the ladies – and everybody else – sucking up.

They’re tired, just out of the hospital … But money, as in they are king of their small businesses and all the people in their world (especially the women/young women who wouldn’t look at them if they had no money=power) keep them tied to their shit property/biz.

So American.

– Rose T.



“On Desperate Ground: The Marines at the Reservoir, the Korean’s War Greatest Battle” by Hampton Sides, Doubleday, New York (2018, 395 pages)

Reviewed by Steven R. Maher

Growing up in Central Massachusetts I would occasionally see cars go by with a bumper sticker identifying its driver as one of the “The Chosin Few”. It was a reference to a ferocious, bloody battle around the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea. The book’s title derives from a saying by Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher of war.

“Sun Tzu says that in battle there are nine kinds of situations, nine kinds of ‘ground’,” writes Sides. “The final and most distressing type is a situation in which one’s army can be saved from destruction only by fighting without delay. It is a place with no shelter, and no possibility of easy retreat. If met by the enemy, an army has no alternative but to surrender or fight its way out of the predicament. Sun Tzu calls this ‘desperate ground.’”

The Korean War

This was an apt description of what happened in the Chosin campaign.

When the Korean War began, General Douglas MacArthur devised a brilliant flanking amphibious assault far behind the North Korean supply lines that cut off and destroyed the North Korean army. Despite warnings from the Chinese, the U.N. forces continued their offensive north of the South Korean border.

As the U.S. forces neared the Yalu River dividing line between Manchuria and Korea, they fanned out over a 400-mile front. On November 27, 1950 120,000 Chinese attacked 30,000 U.N. forces under the command of Oliver P. Smith. The next day the temperature dropped to nearly forty below zero. Soon the Chinese had Smith’s 1st Marine Division surrounded near the Chosin Reservoir.

During the next two weeks the Marines battled heroically against overwhelmingly odds and brutal weather to march roughly 40 miles through Chinese held territory to the port of Hungnam.

Well Written and Factual

This book is a well written, factual sourced depiction of that march. We are given firsthand accounts of the horrible conditions under which thee Marines fought, and how through grit, determination and valor they accomplished this heroic epic against overwhelming odds.

If nothing else, this book will remind the reader of the sacrifices many have made to keep America free.




CNN hosts climate crisis town halls:

10 Democratic presidential hopefuls participate this Wednesday in back-to-back town halls to answer audience questions about their climate plans as scientists sound the alarm about global warming.

Candidates take the stage for 40 minutes each starting at 5 p.m. ET on CNN.

From FOX!!!!!!!!!:



🇺🇸When we truly were GREAT:

Saturday wrap-up✝️😢🐘

Yesterday: a heart-rending sight from the highway …
The steeple of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel pulled apart with a vicious tenderness … the rest of the historic Italian-American church will meet its Maker soon enough …

All the law-suits, appeals to the Vatican, protests, marches, op-ed pieces, videos, notes to the editor, historic preservation society letters, prayers, hopes, dreams of Mauro DePasquale and other church congregants …


… only delayed the demise – did nothing to stop the Catholic church, the Diocese of Worcester, from prostituting itself …
… SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER! OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL CHURCH! For millions and millions of dollars, now that it’s located in the hottest district in the new trendy chi chi Worcester ‘hood.

On Mullbury Street, the East Side’s historic, gorgeous Italian American church used to sit amongst families and old Italian Nonnas praying on their rosary beads – not any more. It’s all distressed blue jeans, martini bars and sushi joints …

The church was a shrine to and symbol of the Italian Americans who built it – and WORCESTER’S iconic Shrewsbury Street before it became a foodie enclave. The church has been pimped out by its pastor – Monsignor Pedone. He was asleep at the wheel. So, of course, with no leadership, his flock falterrd, dwindled …

The church, along with its community center and little league baseball field, was – for most of the 20th century – a touch-stone to all of Worcester’s Italians and their progeny – “foreigners” to Woo’s WASPY ruling class. Nonetheless, we made Worcester our home and filled this city with exciting, tasty stuff: music, style, homemade Italian sausages and cheeses, big backyard gardens with grapes growing wildly on trellises … Our love of big families, community, food, our Catholic faith.

Now, a memory, along with the soon to be demolished Mt. Carmel church and its beautiful blue terra cotta mosaic that, when lit at night, showed Madonna holding tight her baby Jesus to all the floating cars on Interstate 290 E.

Well, here’s to more foodie joints, trendy clothing boutiques and student lofts!

Who gives a fuck?!

Not many.

Watch this site!:
And weep!

– text + photos by Rose Tirella




How to Tell Real Elephant Sanctuaries From Abusive Exhibitors

elephants in nature
Elephants in a nature park♥️. photos: PETA

Can you tell a real elephant sanctuary from an abusive sham?

For centuries, humans have been fascinated by elephants. The Earth’s largest land animals are among its most brilliant and most intriguing. Unfortunately, our fascination with them often leads to exploitation rather than reverence.

What’s Wrong With Elephant Rides?

As eyewitness investigations have repeatedly shown, elephants used for human entertainment are commonly stolen from their mothers and herds as babies and beaten mercilessly to break their spirits and make them fearful and submissive.

Elephant with scars and wounds from bullhooks – their handlers’ tool of torture … hitting them behind the ears, on the feet and face, their most sensitive body parts.

Often, people who patronize camps that offer elephant rides see elephants with scars and handlers holding their ever-present bullhooks to make sure the animals know what will happen to them if they don’t obey.

But even if the abuse is carefully hidden, as it so often is at sham “sanctuaries,” all elephants used in direct-contact activities — including elephant bathing, painting, and shows — have been subjected to the malicious “crush” process to make them compliant.

Baby elephants are taken from their mothers and beaten over and over again just so tourists can ride them. If you ride elephants, you’re contributing to why they suffer!!

As travelers turn their backs on obviously cruel animal exhibitions, many facilities are now adding “sanctuary,” “refuge,” “rescue,” “orphanage,” and other compassionate-sounding descriptors onto their names. Unfortunately, these terms aren’t regulated in any way—and in far too many cases, the name is new but the abuse is the same.

What Goes on at Fake Elephant Sanctuaries?

Natasha Daly, a writer with National Geographic’s Wildlife Watch investigative reporting initiative, exposed extreme abuse of animals used for wildlife tourism in six countries:

“Phajaan is the traditional — and brutal — days- or weeks-long process of breaking a young elephant’s spirit. It has long been used in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia to tame wild elephants, which still account for many of the country’s captives. Under phajaan, elephants are bound with ropes, confined in tight wooden structures, starved, and beaten repeatedly with bullhooks, nails, and hammers until their will is crushed.”

How to Find a Real Elephant Sanctuary

True sanctuaries never buy, sell, trade, breed, exploit, or profit from elephants. They never use bullhooks or punish elephants in other ways (even out of tourists’ sight), and they don’t force animals who naturally avoid humans into close contact with them. They provide them with the companionship of members of their own species and large natural habitats that allow for normal forms of behavior, including knocking down trees, swimming in ponds, and foraging in forests. These facilities are often closed to the public except for on certain days — and when they do offer tours, they keep visitors at a comfortable distance so that they don’t disturb the animals. Visitors never touch the elephants, because these sanctuaries exist for the animals, not the tourists. The people who run them respect elephants and work to protect them.

Check to see if the elephant sanctuary you’re thinking of visiting is accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. Two in the U.S. are: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and the Performing Animal Welfare Society in California.

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee (located in Hohenwald), is a true refuge where elephants rescued from circuses, ride operators, roadside zoos, and other abusive outfits can spend the rest of their lives in a spacious green habitat doing only what they choose to do. One of the residents is Nosey, a beautiful African elephant whom PETA fought to free from her abusive exhibitor for more than a decade. The elephants here are never forced into contact with humans, but lucky volunteers may spot them during their workdays. Even if you can’t get to Tennessee, you can watch the elephants go about their days there in peace, thanks to three solar-powered EleCams.

The Performing Animal Welfare Society in California

The Performing Animal Welfare Society was founded by the late animal advocate Pat Derby. Derby was an animal trainer who realized how much animals suffer for human entertainment and, after leaving show business, dedicated the rest of her life to saving them instead. During one of the sanctuary’s one- or two-day educational getaways, guests can tour the facility, learn about its work to rescue animals, and observe retired elephants — including Toka, Thika, and Maggie, all of whom PETA helped rescue — from a respectful distance. Those who do the two-day getaway also get to see charming Ben the Bear, who was rescued by PETA, enjoying his beautiful, spacious habitat with a pond.

The Global Sanctuary for Elephants in Brazil

In South America, five countries have already banned exhibitors from forcing elephants to perform. It’s great progress, but many elephants have nowhere to go for a peaceful retirement and specialized care. Enter the Global Sanctuary for Elephants. Based in Brazil, this team works to rescue, rehabilitate, and advocate for formerly abused elephants. The sanctuary isn’t open to the public, but ele-friends from all over the world can follow along on its Facebook page, where the team gives an inside look at the work of rescuing and caring for elephants, the struggles they face, and the individual personalities of the animals.

Watch Wild Elephants in Nature 24/7 on an EleCam

Africam offers free virtual safaris into the African wilderness, courtesy of discreet cameras placed in areas that the animals frequent, such as watering holes. If you miss an exciting moment, don’t worry — some of the best animal videos are saved and posted. streams wild-animal video feeds from all over the world, including of elephants and many others.

Visit the Unbelievable Circus Roncalli in Germany!

Instead of depressed imprisoned animals, live human entertainers together with massive holographic animals are used in the breathtaking performances of Circus Roncalli to create an immersive, larger-than-life experience.

There is no excuse for whipping, hitting, jabbing or confining animals to tiny cages and making them perform confusing tricks when superior technology like this exists. Way to go Germany!

Want to Do More to Help Elephants?

You can host demonstrations, speak at city meetings, hand out leaflets at the circus … Please help!