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They’re located at 1329 Main St., Worcester, and open 7 days a week, until 7 p.m. pics: R. Tirella



OK, so a bongo drum isn’t exactly a fall fashion accessory, but I fell in love with it!

Visiting GRIME soon, but today I’m heading out to Worcester friends for a Harvest Meal!


Bangs trimmed, clothing appropriately layered for New England October daze …

Speaking of clothing, I recently checked out the great stuff at GRIME and More vintage clothing store on Shrewsbury Street, Worcester.

Beautiful looking store!

They have cowboy boots just like new, vintage tee shirts, sexy dresses, wildly colorful blouses and jackets, skirts, blue jeans and STUFF FOR HALLOWEEN!

Get creative, creatives!

Visit GRIME today and create your own homemade Halloween costume-masterpieces!

Owner Molly is 100% local – from the goods she sells, to that real, down to earth Worcester ‘tude! Plus, she’s beautiful and knows fashion!

CLICK HERE to check out Molly’s store website !

Visit her shop today!

The GRIME shop on Shrewsbury Street: Great vintage clothing, boots, shoes and other items!

“Fall” head over heels for vegan (read: cruelty-free!) fashion!


ICT editor/boss lady Rosalie (pic taken a few weeks ago – she’s cut and dyed her hair since then) NEVER buys leather, wool, angora ANYTHING! The animals on these “farms” suffer horrible deaths, often bleeding to death for what??? for a jacket? A pair of boots?

Check out this interactive Fashion Look Book from PETA.ORG (their first ever!!) to see how attractive cruelty-fashion can be! (Click on blue highlighted text!):

Hey trendsetter…

We know you value feeling as good as you look. We also know there’s no better way to get dressed than by wearing your values on your sleeve. Supporting companies that are moving fashion into the future with sustainable production, high ethics, and cutting-edge innovation allows you to do just that.

That’s why we’ve compiled the season’s flyest cruelty-free styles in this interactive lookbook, shot in Downtown Los Angeleswith the winners of this year’s Vegan Fashion Awards, “Most Influential Designer” Joshua Katcher (of Brave GentleMan) and “Most Innovative Designer” Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart (of Vaute). From cork handbags and vegan wool blend sweaters to faux fur stoles and the vegan leather “It” platform of the season, we’ve got you covered. Because nothing makes us happier than helping you live your most beautiful, honest life. Now go do your heart (and closet) a favor, and get clicking!


Blue jean boppin’!!

From PETA.ORG. Cruelty-free fashion! No animals were  killed/harmed to make these adorable denim pieces…

Click on the UNDERLINED names, following the numerals, to order the clothing and to see more fall fashion!

– R. Tirella

Denim is a true-blue, all-American classic. It became popular in the 1840s among people mining for gold, who depended on the sturdy cotton weave to withstand all types of weather. Since then, it’s made appearances in major fashion trends, from bell-bottoms to acid wash denim to skinny jeans.

Denim is always in style, and it’s always vegan. That’s our favorite part. Here are some ideas for how to wear it this fall, as the weather cools down:

1. MOTO Authentic Denim Borg Western Jacket by Topshop

Denim Jacket

This jacket is 100 percent cotton, with a plush lining that can stand up to brisk fall weather.

2. Life in Progress Buttoned A-Line Denim Skirt by Forever 21

Denim skirt F21

This A-line miniskirt would look perfect with a pair of thick tights.

3. Skinny High Ankle Jeans by H&M

Jeans H&M

The 1 percent spandex gives these jeans the flexibility to make them super-comfortable.

4. Denim A-Line Pinafore Dress by ASOS

asos pinafore denim dress

How cute is this pinafore dress? It comes in washed black, has adjustable straps, and would look fabulous if worn with a long-sleeve fitted shirt.

5. Pet Perceives Top by ModCloth

pet perceives denim shirt modcloth

Keep kittens close to your heart with this loose-fitting, button-up shirt.

6. MOTO Tie-Waist Jumpsuit by Topshop

denim jumpsuit

This looks so comfortable, we want it now. Whoever invented mechanic-chic deserves a genius award.

7. Pieces Denim Skirt by ASOS

white skirt ASOS

A white skirt may remind you of the ’80s but just a touch—after all, it’s not acid wash.

8. Boxy Denim Shirt by Forever 21

Denim shirt F21

This light-colored utility-inspired shirt reminds us of those bright summer days as we fade into fall.

9. Denim Shirt in Dark Wash by ASOS

Asos shirt

If you’re looking for a classic button-up denim shirt for fall, this is it.

10. Light Wash Denim Trucker Jacket by Calvin Klein

light jean jacket calvin klein

This trucker jacket is great for layering and has a nice fade at the shoulders. It also comes in a darker shade.

11. Women’s Denim Overall by Mossimo


Did you get the memo? Women’s denim overalls are back in style. Grab yourself a cute, affordable pair by Mossimo, available at Target stores.

12. High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Black by Forever 21

black skinny jeans

Why not invest in some black denim, too?

Now that you’ve chosen your favorite denim look for fall, add an outer layer to the mix with our recommendations forthe season’s cutest vegan coats. Happy shopping!

Meet Stephanie Nicora!


Stephanie Nicora

Highlighting the vegan-leather footwear revolution and reminding us how the new trend helps rectify disastrous effects of the leather industry, Stephanie Nicora, owner and founder of NICORA, gives PETA an unprecedented insider’s look at her process of creating 100 percent cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and fair-wage handmade shoes made from all-recycled materials in the company’s Los Angeles factory.

Here’s a woman who is revolutionizing the footwear industry with her tasteful, stylish collection — a vision that’s dazzled the public and her celebrity fans alike.

“Consumers are more committed than ever to choosing options that are good for animals, the environment, and the health and safety of industry workers,” Nicora says. “We’re meeting that demand with a tasteful, fashionable product that everyone can feel good about.”

More and more companies are choosing to use cruelty-free and sustainable materials every day.

Feeling inspired? It’s never been easier to wear vegan!

10 cruelty-free fall coats!

From PETA.ORG. Click on the UNDERLINED name of each coat (next to the number) and blue text to order coats and see more great fashion! Cruelty-free means animal-free! Yay!

– R.T.

When it’s time to shop for a new fall coat, you want one that isn’t too heavy or too light. And you definitely want one that isn’t made from skin or fur that has been ripped off the backs of animals!

Here are some of our favorite stylish and cruelty-free options — happy shopping!

1. Woven Crosshatch Trench Coat by Forever 21

F21 Trench

We love this fall trench with a touch of detective chic. This coat is available to order online only.

2. Faux Fur Lined MA1 Bomber Jacket by Topshop

Top Shop

Fuzzy lining makes this jacket extra-warm for the changing fall weather.

3. The James in Waxed Canvas by Vaute Couture

Vaute Coat

Vaute Couture is a truly awesome all-vegan clothing company for men and women. This jacket is made from waxed canvas that “looks better with age” and “becomes a one of a kind piece over time.” Plus, it’s wind- and water-resistant. Sounds good to us! Available in several colors, including Havana, gray, navy, olive, ivory, and black.

4. Winterberry Tart Coat in Burgundy by Steve Madden

mod cloth coat

This coat by Steve Madden is available from online retailer ModCloth. We love the classic, feminine cut, and it’s also available in black.

5. Cecil Plush Tie Waist Coat by BB Dakota

BB Dakota

Available from Alternative Outfitters in purple and black, this coat will keep you cozy at a reasonable price point.

6. Long Coat in Pink by Jill Milan

Jill Milan

This pretty pink coat from another lovely all-vegan company is made from recycled materials. It is available to pre-order now and will ship in mid-October.

7. ’70s Longline Blazer by Topshop

Topshop tan coat

This retro-cool coat is made of a viscose and polyester blend and would also look cute with the sleeves rolled up.

8. Berlin There, Done That Jacket by ModCloth

Mod Cloth moto jacket

Keep your biker look cool, not cruel, with this chic vegan leather number.

9. Faraway Fields Grey Coat by Lulu’s


With a classic cut, sleek black buttons, and long side pockets, this is the perfect jacket to wear to the office or on a date. After you’re done swooning, why not order it?

10. The M-51 Fishtail Parka in Olive by Rothco

karmaloop jacket

This versatile jacket is made of 100 percent cotton and has a padded lining that can be removed, depending on how toasty you want to be. It’s available at Karmaloop.

Adorable novelty hand bags!

Cruelty-free, of course!  From PETA.ORG

For more info/to order items, click on blue text!   – R.T.

We love animals, and we love food. We also love purses. So we’re in full support of the trend that combines vegan purses with food and animal images. Whether you’re going back to school or want to make your coworkers jealous, here are 12 vegan bags — for ANY budget — that you must have to make a statement any time of the year!

This doughnut bag looks good enough to eat:


And yes, like the best doughnuts, it’s vegan.

This raccoon bag is too adorbs:


Look at that face. That face is cute. You should carry around a bag with a picture of that cute face. It’s logic.

Every true cat lady (or cat dude!) must have this:


MeeeeewowGet it here.

This bag TRULY makes a statement:


Wear this and boycott SeaWorld. Duh.

This glorious, glorious tofu bag is a must-have:


Tofu scramble, tofu tacos, tofu purse. Check, check, and check.

This elephant backpack that is 100 percent OK to carry around as an adult:


(Every time you wear this, remember tourge Ringling to retire its elephants from the circus NOW if you want to level up as a vegan. Just sayin’.)

This PB&J bag is obviously essential:

The PETA-approved vegan company Cykochik is now featuring one of our snack-time faves. No, the bag isn’t edible, but it is ridiculously cute.pbjbag

Faux for fall!



Fall is the perfect time of year to show the world how veganistas roll!

It’s the time of year when people are starting to stock up on sweaters and jackets.

Thankfully, cruelty-free clothing has spread like wildfire on the fashion scene, so ditching wool, leather, and fur has never been easier!

Layer your look with these cruelty-free sweaters and jackets from Lulu’s and, and you’ll be fabulously faux for fall.