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On the road a lot?

Like me???? TAN FABULOUS SALON in Quinsigamond Village, on Greenwood Street, has a cool massage bed that lets you massage your cares away …

For as little as $5 (for several minutes of lying on this heaven-sent, sofa-looking machine) you can feel refreshed, replenished, renewed … and other R adjectives … as in RELAXED. Try it today!

– R. Tirella


Check out these cruelty-free summer shoes for men!

ZERO calves, cows or other animals were mutilated/killed to make these shoes for the boys! Pleather is a cool leather alternative that looks so chic . You can even find footwear made out of discarded yoga mats! How great is that?

Click on the shoes to see more styles and/or to place an order! From PETA.ORG

– R.T.

There are many great options for summery vegan shoes for men. Vans alone offers over 150 vegan shoe choices. Happy shopping!

1. The Lennon Buckle Down by People Footwear

People Footwear sandal

The Lennon features Soft-Touch lining for a comfortable, shock-absorbent walk on the beach.

2. Mercer Shoe by Huf


These classic canvas shoes really breathe in the hot summertime.

3. Yogi 3 by Sanuk


It’s called the Yogi 3 because the foot bed is literally made from a yoga mat. We’re in.

4. Beta Sandal

vegan shoes2

Perfect for the beach, these vegan sandals, made with love in Spain, can be ordered here.

5. Vans Checkerboard Slip-On

Vans slip on shoe

This classic design comes in five colors, and you can also check out the vegan shoe page on the company’s website, which features 188 shoe styles.

6. Sutter by Huf


Why not navy blue? Every good man needs a navy blue shoe.

7. Canyon Bison From Malibu Sandals

Moo Shoes Sandals

Available through MooShoes, a vegan footwear retailer, this woven sandal is also waterproof—take that, leather!

8. Canvas Old Skool Shoe by Vans

Old school vans

This style comes in seven colors, so get shopping.

9. Vegan Custom Made Oxford Style Shoe by The White Pariah Shop

the white pariah oxford shoe

This canvas and rubber shoe is made to order, because you’re special.

10. Shoes Like Pottery by Moonstar


This Japanese shoe comes in six colors as a low top and two as a high top.

11. Moab Slip On

vegan men shoe

If you wear the soles down on this shoe, fret not—you can re-sole them and keep on walking.

12. Cruz Shoe by Ahnu

Cruz shoe for men

This shoe claims to be extremely comfortable, and we believe it.

Spread the good (vegan) word by sharing this list with all your male friends!


More summer fashion …

… from the Worcester Historical Museum, located at 30 Elm Street, in Worcester! I visited the museum yesterday … they have an adorable gift shop in their lobby! Filled with all things Worcester: books, buttons, tee shirts, cards, coffee mugs, games! Great gifts! And their sales are the best! Items go for $1, $2, $3!

WHM also runs the Salisbury Mansion, once the digs of super-rich Woo industrialist Steve Salisbury. (Did they name that wretched steak after him, too?!)

Salisbury Mansion
4O Highland Street, Worcester

Worcester Historical Museum
Gallery Hours:

TUE – SAT 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
4th Thursday 10:00 AM-8:30 PM

WHM Library Hours:

WED – SAT 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
4th Thursday 10:00 AM-8:30 PM

Salisbury Mansion Hours:

THU – SAT 1 pm – 4 pm

– R. Tirella

Lifeguards Chatting on the Beach, July 18, 1951
Life guards chatting … (love her pose!)

Kittredge Family - Swimming (c. 1900)
The Kittredge family!

From the Worcester Historical Museum …

… Elm Street, Worcester

I love this place! Check out their hands-on, permanent Worcester diner exhibit! The kids will love it!

Also: their exhibit on Worcester factories is tres cool. Worcester, we were great when we MADE STUFF! Jobs for everybody! Now … a period of readjustment …

Visit the Worcester Historical Museum today! Learn all about our city!   – R.T.

Mrs Massachusetts at White City (August 1950)
White City bathing beauties, circa 1950

Summer style! Tom’s sunglasses!


The following article was written by peta2 youth marketing coordinator Helena Soh.

If you need an excuse to add another cute pair of sunglasses to your summer collection (don’t we all?), here it is. TOMS has just released a collection of three classic, go-to styles—perfect to wear on sunny days spent frolicking in your vegan TOMS shoes. Check ’em out:

Pretty fabulous, right? Sporting the company’s signature One for One striping, these sunglasses show that TOMS is a friend to both animals and people.

For every TOMS product purchased, the company donates products and services to people in need. To learn more, CLICK HERE! 

The bonus to you is how cute these glasses are—once again proving that shopping with compassion is always in fashion.


Beautiful shoes = BANNING the leather! Cruety-free sandals+ in which you can strut thru your summer!

No animals had their skins ripped off while they were still alive to make these summer stunners!

A style for EVERY one of YOU!

CLICK on the brand names to buy shoes/visit the companies’ websites.       – R. T.


Amelia Sandal


This cobalt blue shoe is bright and summery, and the material is durable, high-quality Italian faux leather. Bourgeois Boheme also has a large selection of men’s shoes.

2. Sydney Brown Flat Sandal


Sydney Brown is a Los Angeles–based designer. Her shoes are handmade and free of animal products. Instead, they contain materials such as coconut insoles and “reclaimed wooden soles, aiming to create every pair of shoes with a ‘cradle to cradle’ life cycle.”

3. PETA x M4D3 Limited Edition Espadrille


M4D3 stands for “Make a Difference Everyday,” and by purchasing these animal-free espadrilles, you’ll be doing just that.

4. Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin metallic shoes

Metallic flats, penny loafers, and Oxfords—oh, my! This U.K.-based brand leaves us speechless.

5. BC Footwear Tuxedo Flatform

Moo Shoes

These sandals are available through the cruelty-free vegan retailer MooShoes, which, in addition to shoes, carries belts, wallets, handbags, and other goodies for both men and women.

6. Timberland x Pharrell Williams’ Bee Line Boot


Pharrell Williams owns an eco-textile company called Bionic Yarn, and this collaboration between him and the Timberland boot company does Mother Earth a good one by creating unisex boots made from a blend of organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles. The boots feature two designs to choose from: honeycomb and blades of grass.

7. Nicora Johns 2-in-1 Copper Flat

Nicora Johns better

This shoe is awesome because you can wear it as a ballet flat or add the strap if you’re in a Mary Jane sort of mood.

8. Bhava Sara Asymmetrical Slip-On


This shoe is made with Japanese recycled ultrasuede (a microfiber that’s not animal-derived), organic ayurvedic dyed cotton, and reclaimed wood heels.

9. Report Neeley Heels*

Report Neely heels

If you’re looking to get dressed up a bit, these strappy heels, available throughZappos, will go a long way. They also come in three colors. …


Fashion shouldn’t really be ‘to die for’

Editor’s note: I’ve made some sentences bold.   – R.T.

By Paula Moore

It seems ridiculous to have to point this out, but animals are not just fashion accessories. Yet so often, that seems to be how they are viewed by the industries that make money off their fur or skins.

Rabbits on angora farms in China scream and writhe in pain as workers tear the fur right out of their skin.

Sheep used for wool are left battered and bloody as workers in shearing sheds punch and kick them and cut off wide strips of flesh, causing gaping wounds.

And cows are often skinned alive for leather, kicking and crying out in terror, because slaughter lines move so fast.

It’s tempting to blame such cruelty on consumers’ apparently insatiable demand for “fast fashion,” which forces suppliers to produce the greatest volume of fur and skins in the cheapest way possible.

But as a new PETA eyewitness investigation reveals, even on the other end of the fashion spectrum—the so-called “luxury” market, in which handbags sell for tens of thousands of dollars each—animals are treated as nothing more than commodities, forced to live in filth and senselessly killed.

PETA investigators in Texas and Zimbabwe documented the appalling conditions in which animals are raised and killed for “luxury” bags, belts and watchbands.

In Winnie, Texas, there’s an alligator factory that sends skins to a tannery owned by Hermès, which makes the famous Birkin bags. PETA’s investigator found alligators there kept in fetid water and dank, dark sheds without sunshine, fresh air or even basic medical care. At just a year old, they’re killed and their skins are sent to France and made into “luxury” items such as watchbands.

As PETA’s investigator documented, sometimes the slaughter process was badly botched. Workers  repeatedly shot alligators in the head with a captive-bolt gun and stabbed conscious alligators to try to dislocate their vertebrae—even though a manager had admitted that “reptiles will continue to live” through that.

Some animals were still conscious, kicking and flailing, even minutes after workers tried to kill them.

After they were cut into, the alligators were briefly bled and then dropped into a bin of ice water. But because some alligators had survived the attempts to slaughter them, they may have instead drowned or died of hypothermia in these bins.

In Zimbabwe, at the facility of one of the world’s largest exporters of Nile crocodile skins, tens of thousands of crocodiles are confined to concrete pits from birth to slaughter. They are never given the opportunity to engage in natural behavior, such as digging tunnels, protecting their young or searching for food as they would do in the wild.

They are stunned and then killed by having their necks cut, a wire rammed down their spines and their brains scrambled with a metal rod.

If left alone, not killed for fashion, Nile crocodiles can live to be up to 80 years old. But at this facility, they are slaughtered when they’re only about 3. That’s when their belly skins are the optimal size to be used for handbags.

It takes two to three crocodiles to make just one bag.

Most of us will never buy a $50,000 Birkin bag or even a $2,000 watch. But whenever we choose any fashions made of skins, fur or wool, animals are the ones who pay the price. The only way to ensure that we’re not buying into cruelty is to leave all animal skins out of our wardrobes and choose animal-friendly vegan fashions instead.

This weekend downtown Woo will be hoppin’ with the bike race and the road race …


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text/photos – R.T.