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Just saw this great Mother’s Day gift opportunity from TOMS …


TOMS is helping moms in developing countries this Mother’s Day!

CAM00148-1 When you buy one of their stylish totes/bags (pictured here), TOMS will give $$$ to their global partners to DISTRIBUTE BIRTH KITS AND PROVIDE PRE- AND POST-NATAL ATTENDANT DELIVERY.

According to the mag, 40 million women all over the world give birth without the assistance of a trained health worker or midwife. Places like: Haiti, Bangladesh, India.

The TOMS bags sell for $58 to $248

Go to TOMS.COM to purchase them – and help moms and babies!

– R. Tirella

Spring has sprung! Yes! to beautiful shoes! No! to leather!

Step lively this spring in gorgeous, cruelty-free shoes and sandals! Click on the blue text to visit the company’s website/see more of their shoes!

From PETA.ORG!  – R.T.

Melissa’s Strips

Melissa shoes

If you’re all about that bold color and not afraid to show it, this throwback chunky platform is calling your name! It’s destined to be the talk of your outfit, so strut with confidence knowing that you’re making quite the statement—in the name of fashion and animals!

Sydney Brown’s Cork Sandal

Sydney Brown

Sydney Brown is all about environmentally friendly designs, and it really doesn’t get more sustainable than “cork leather.” Throw these minimalist beauties on your feet, and let them do all the talking for you.

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather’s Eye Loafer

Good Guys
Good guys don’t wear leather, and good friends encourage the donning of mod loafers, especially when they’re lined with an eco-friendly microfiber and make such a vibrant, playful statement in favor of vegan suede! We’re seeing  picnic baskets brimming with vegan cheese and crackers in this darling’s future.

To see more shoes CLICK HERE!