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Captured by lies and freed by the truth

By Jack Hoffman

“Cautiva” (captured) is a compelling Argentinean movie that explores a part of the sordid past history of a brutal military government that ruled Argentina from the late ‘70s to early ‘80s. The merciless gangsters of Argentina, like so many brutal dictatorships, were commonplace in Latin America and had what I consider to be a most insidious way of placating supporters of the military and police who wanted a child, but were unable to conceive one. – Want a baby? No problem – we will just go out and kidnap a pregnant woman, steal her newborn, and away you go!

Christina, the heroine of the story, is now 19 years old and learns by scientific proof that her adopted parents had lied to her about her original adoption and that her real parents disappeared, victims of this incomprehensible crime.

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The Ghost of Enron

By Jack Hoffman

Five years ago today I was invited to speak at an anniversary party for ICT. Rose Tirella, the publisher, editor, delivery girl, and chief bottle washer of the paper asked me to write something- just anything will do. Being an author, network investigative producer and part time speechwriter writing a column seemed challenging.

Since that first meeting there certainly has been lots of pot- holes on this journalistic road. But thanks to Rose and her tutelage, the freedom without censorship to express my opinions that she gave me I stayed with her mostly out of respect and admiration for her work and belief in an alternative news source.

To the many that have given their time without financial compensation only love of the paper and its philosophy a special thank you. The paper could never have worked if it wasn’t for the loyalty of the advertises. Throughout the years when myself or other writers challenged the boundaries of the other mundane print media leaving Rose in a state of nervousness you folks still remained. And even when I or some other writer dared challenge the mundane boundaries set by the other local print media that certainly touched some nerves- you remained.

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When does dumber become dumbest?

By Jack Hoffman

During the 1992 presidential campaign, papa Bush criticized the then Governor Clinton about a few anti-war opeds he wrote for the British press while he attended school in London. Bush said if the governor wanted to state his anti-war views publicly, it first should have been done in the U.S.A. It’s the old adage: keep your dirty laundry in Arkansas.

Now comes junior Bush with his characteristic swagger strutting across the stage about to address the Israeli Knesset in the heart of Israel’s capital of Jerusalem. Just a few minutes into his canned rumblings, he begins a tell-tale lecture on America’s politics, always considered to be a no-no, an unwritten law that presidents, when speaking in foreign countries, leave our politics at home. Never mind his usual BS, insinuation and misrepresentation of what Obama has said. This time he crossed a line, what the major media dared not touch – a direct insult to most Jews. Something no American politician has ever dared cross – comparing appeasement during the Hitler years to the Democrats’ idea of negotiating with our enemies.

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Can America ever regain its greatness?

By Jack Hoffman

Just a few days ago I was driving home with a former classmate and friend from our 50’th reunion at Worcester Academy. After the oldie but goodie stories ran out, it was inevitable the conversation would turn to politics. Let me first explain: At times Hank can have this cynical and negative persona. In any case, he admitted that he once was a liberal Democrat and then a short-lived conservative Republican. Now he is an Independent who refuses to vote. Why, I asked? – Hoffman, nothing is going to change. It’s all lost. “You were always this Don Quixote, who instead of searching for some romantic love, you were the dreamer in search of a better world.” A world that would be led by some idealistic President who would put together and pass the more populist (liberal, for short) views. And be greeted on the world stage as some great moral leader.

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Lies and more lies

By Jack Hoffman

A word about the Pennsylvania primary: SO! And that’s about all it’s worth. Hilary gained 14 delegates, which will be a wash (a zero gain) once North Carolina votes. Republican nominee John McCain was the big winner – make no mistake about that.

Several months ago I was approached by a friend who suggested I submit a resume, along with a syllabus, on a potential course about truthfulness and the media, to be taught at a near by college. The position was nixed due to the possibility of a conflict with a course on propaganda. At first I questioned that decision, and soon realized the one who raised that possibility was 100% right. The media has in fact become a platform for disseminating higher authorities’ propaganda – not to be mistaken for God’s agenda, although some might think otherwise.

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Can’t we all just get along?

Rodney King and the four-letter word we don’t want to talk about

By Jack Hoffman

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the brilliance and eloquence articulated by Barack Obama in his recent speech on race – a speech, even acclaimed by many of his detracters. And criticized by those who for one reason or another never heard parts of the entire speech and already had some pre-conceived agenda. Oh, sure you can grab a line or two and have some questions about its meaning, but to actually change the political winds from a few outtakes out of thousands of sermons by a former pastor I find quite shallow.

Before the ink was dried, the speech was on the hate mongers script to define Obama’s credibility by comparing him with the incendiary remarks of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright: A potential president who showed us honesty, bravery, and courage on a hot and dangerous topic called race, but just as important he showed character and loyalty by not throwing someone under the wheels who had so much meaning in his life and thousands of others.

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It’s all over now

By Jack Hoffman

I know the following might piss some of my loyal women readers including my editor and publisher. Hillary you have got to get out of this race now. You are endangering any chance the Democrats might have in recapturing the White House.

In the words of the infamous sportscaster Len Berman, lets roll the video back two weeks before the March 4th elections. The media buzz at that time was, including the words of Billy, was Hillary had to win Ohio and Texas to continue her candidacy. The polls at that time were showing Obama with a high single digit lead in Texas and he was closing in on Hillary’s margin in Ohio. In order to stop the Obama momentum it was decided that a change within the campaign had to be made. So added to the vernacular of the Karl Rove negative political thinking was “kitchen sink politics” throw whatever you can out there and see how it flies.

It first began with a photo of Obama dressed in a native Kenyan outfit, something that is customary that all foreign dignitaries usually wear- the why is obvious- a subliminal message to keep the Muslim rumors alive.

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Don’t fence me in!

By Jack Hoffman

I want to ride to the ridge where the west commences/ gaze at the moon until I lose my senses/can’t look at hobbles, and I can’t stand fences/ so don’t fence me in.” Sung by Gene Autry.Words and Lyrics by Cole Porter.

It seems every time I hear about tightening our borders, especially with a fence, I want to scream out: “You phony fools! You’re duping the American people again!”

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In the name of national security?!

By Jack Hoffman

This is a country that takes human rights seriously.” “We do not torture.” “It’s against our laws and against our values.” That’s your Vice President Dick Cheney.

Just a few days ago, before a Senate sub-committee, General Michael Hayden, head of the C.I.A., admitted the intelligence service did in fact use water-boarding – but only on one prisoner. He would add he claimed it was legal then and now it is not. He must have heard Bob Dylan’s song The Times are a Changing. I guess that just burns the last remnant of pants Mr. Bush has left on him. I thought he ran out of clothes long ago! Denying the use and advocacy of torture – we can add a few more falsehoods. Ever since these denials, evidence of brutal treatment of prisoners in this war seems to transform these folks into piles of mandacious dung – shit that this administration has accumulated since the first day it came into power.

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