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Coney Island Baby

Took this pic yesterday as I drove through the old neighborhood. … My late Mom used to love Coney Island hot dogs.


 Here’s a pic of the Green Island street where I was born and raised – Lafayette Street. Not too far away from Coney Island.


 Here’s the Lafayette Street house Red Sox catcher Rich Gedman grew up in. My kid sister used to play baseball with him and the other neighborhood kids in the big sandlot outside our three decker, which is a junkyard these days. His kid brother, Paulie, was the sweetest!


I used to think my street was the ugliest street in the world! Maybe it was. But nothing in my life has occupied more space inside my cranium than old Lafayette Street! The people who fought, screamed, fucked, prayed, rejoiced, repented, loved, lost, sobbed, caressed, lost, dreamed, lost, laughed … LIVED there. I see them all!    – R. Tirella

I want my very own radio station!

No corporate play lists, no commercials, no pledge drives, no kissing up to anyone, not even disc jockeys … . Just fucking awesome music! – R. Tirella

Music warms ya right up! Thank God there are so many amazing lady singers and songwriters out there to put into words and music what we all feel but may not have the talent to express so wonderfully!    – R. T.