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Gun buy-back in Vernon Hill this Saturday! PLEASE! All guns must be unloaded and wrapped in bags!

Info from city website:

Goods for Guns – Gun Buyback!

EMS Garage, 100 Providence St. (the old fire station)

Saturday, June 27

9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Kids and guns do not mix!

A gun in the home is 22 times more likely to kill a family member or friend than to kill an intruder.

With gun ownership comes the responsibility of storing guns locked, unloaded and inaccessible to kids. If this is not something you can do, let us dispose of the firearm for you by participating in “Goods for Guns.”

Turn in your operable gun and receive:

Semi-automatic weapon: $75 gift certificate to a local merchant.

Handgun: $50 gift certificate to a local merchant.

Long gun: $25 gift certificate to a local merchant.

Also accepting non-operable guns, live ammunition and firearm accessories (no gift certificates issued).

Get gun locks for free, even if you aren’t turning in a gun. FREE!!!!

Anonymity ensured – no names asked.

No gun registrations required.

IMPORTANT: All guns must be brought unloaded and wrapped in a bag.

Questions: Call (508) 799-8531

Unique Finds Antiques and Vintage gifts store! Open today til 8 p.m! Open every day til 8 p.m!

Love this sprawling, treasure-laden ride through cool, sometimes beautiful, old stuff! The shoppe is located at 1329 Main St., Worcester. (Webster Square area by Henshaw Street.)

Saw Raggedy Ann and Andy at Unique Finds! They’re as big as children! Nice price, too! Give the kids in your life a slice of Americana!     – R.T


Mayor Petty’s walks this week!


The mayor and company should stroll around Endicott and Millbury streets and see a colleague’s dump!  Today, outside Worcester City Councilor Konnie Lukes’ rental property on Millbury Street, I saw this heap o crap. Last week I saw guys inside the fence, on the Lukes’ property, loading a ton of garbage into a truck. Be AWARE of what’s happening at your three decker, Konnie! Leftovers do not go out onto the sidewalk! Hire someone to take the garbage away or clean it up with your own two mitts!   – R.T.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 23, starting at the Kendrick Field Parking Lot at 4 pm, the Mayor and City Manager will be walking around the neighborhood that is nearest to the new Recovery High School; essentially Rockdale, Brooks, Mt. Ave, and Eames.


Wednesday, starting at 5:30 PM at the Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center, 301 Pleasant Street, will be the second Mayor’s Walk this week.

This walk will be led by the members of the PSNNC and be confined to Pleasant Street.

City officials will be visiting some of the businesses along the route before coming back to the PSNNC to regroup and discuss priorities.

Get set! Thursday, July 2! Worcester 4th of July Celebration! BEST FIREWORKS! FREE! Ba da boom!!!!


Worcester’s Fourth of July celebration!

Thursday, July 2

3 p.m. to 9:30+ p.m!

East Park! (Shrewsbury Street)


This is a huge, spectacular, classy, musical, fun, family-friendly, FREE Fourth of July city bash in one of Worcester’s most beautiful parks!

The Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra will perform before and during the fireworks!

On the beautiful East Park stage … just perfect for a symphony orchestra or … summertime Shakespeare in the park (hint, hint, hint, City of Worcester!)!

3 p.m. – kids’ activities and games near the recently renovated, beautiful East Park kids playground (the park’s spray park will open a few days after the celebration!)

Hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream and drinks!

7:40 p.m. – American flag-raising!

Then Music by the orchestra!  American classics! Patriotic tunes, some of which have been around since George Washington’s presidency!

Hear the songs American bands played during the American Revolution, Civil War… . When you’re a kid you love to march around to these tunes! When I was three years old, my mom got me a little drum and for my soldiers cap she opened up a paper bag and rolled up its edges so it fit snuggly around my head  … She did the same for my kid sisters who dutifully marched behind their  “general” in our big Green Island kitchen!  In your 20s the music feels a bit dusty, a bore, unless you’re in your school’s marching band … . Then … adulthood…you’re in your prime and the music just whops you over the head! Spirit raising!  Jubilant!  Proud and defiant! You think: HOW DID THESE WILD and CRAZY AND BRILLIANT DISSIDENTS DO WHAT THEY DID?! AMERICA! What a concept! I mean, The balls of it! And then you think, longingly: How primal – pristine –  the natural America was back then: Wolves, mountain lions, bob cats, buffalos, grizzly bears galore! You yearn for a deer to cross your path as you run InCity Times, for the deer to stand frozen, staring at you, its bobbed  white tail up like a little flag…

Then … the Fireworks – 9:30 p.m!!!! … hundreds of people staring up into the cobalt sky, the symphony orchestra playing Francis Scott Key while red, white and blue and green and fuchsia dandelions, stars, rockets burst open in the Worcester heavens above the hushed Worcester crowd. … People going home singing …

A magical Worcester summer night.


Be there!

Worcester Caribbean Parade may lead you to book a trip to the Caribbean with Zuly!!!


Go, Zuly, go!!! … Book your next (or first!) trip to the Caribbean with Zuly! Visit her at her Caribbean Travel Agency at Rice Square today!

By Ron O’Clair

Recently I spoke with Zuly about her being a woman in business in Worcester and the challenges that are involved in being an entrepreneur trying to make a living in a tough economy.

Zuly has been in business for 14 years. Her small biz, the Caribbean Travel Agency, is located at Rice Square, where the old Sam’s used to be. Zuly has diversified her business to include offering cellular telephones and other retail items like new handbags, shoes, perfume and jewelry to supplement the travel business which can take a hit due to the economy. When people don’t have the money, they tend not to travel.

Zuly has carved out a base of repeat customers who utilize her services for all of their travel needs. I spoke with her about some of these trips and asked her if there were any problems that came up that she had to do some customer service with, and she told me about the woman who went to Kenya and forgot to take her green card. So when she tried to come home, they would not let her board the plane.

Zuly was able to secure the green card here in Worcester and get it to the woman in Kenya so that she could come home.

It’s evident Zuly goes out of her way to help her clients with any type of problems that they may face to make their travel experience one to remember.

Zuly has a very nice manner and is very knowledgeable in her profession.

The cellular telephone plans she has looked very good, also!

You should stop in and ask about your next travel adventure and see what Zuly can do to make it an experience you will remember!

GO, ZULY, GO!!!!


And remember! Coming up!

The colorful, sexy, musical, jubilant, fresh, fun, AMAZING Worcester CARIBBEAN PARADE!

Sunday, August 30!

Parade starts at 1:30 p.m. at 305 Chandler St! Don’t miss it!


Worcester Youth Violence Prevention Initiative Press Conference


Mayor Joseph M. Petty and City Manager Edward M. Augustus


the Youth Violence Prevention Initiative Press Conference

Please join representatives from local community organizations and institutions for the launch of a youth violence prevention initiative in Worcester!

There is also an Early Childhood Component!

Wednesday, June 24

4 pm – 5 pm

Worcester City Hall – Levi Lincoln Chambers (Room 309), Third Floor

455 Main St.