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Maybe Cheese Whiz waz right about candidate Joe O’Brien!

By Rosalie Tirella

Maybe Cheese Whiz waz right! Maybe mayoral candidate Joe O’Brien is the Preparation H of Worcester!

Nothing like walking straight by a person who has just given great play to an op/ed piece written (or so your aides claim) by you (which I just did in my InCity Times rag) and giving her (me) the snub! Nothing like a frosty little walk across the room with a big bug up your ass, Joe! (I saw O’Brien at a local eatery a week or so ago.) This tells me: Hey, this guy, Joe O’Brien, has none of the class of … Mayor Konnie Lukes. He certainly has none of her warmth – and she is a warm person, besides being a fiscal watchdog. (The T & G and Blow Mag never make mention of this fact.) Continue reading Maybe Cheese Whiz waz right about candidate Joe O’Brien!

City Councilor Joff Smith and Goldstein Scrap Metal’s new street

By Rosalie Tirella

I noticed the street parallel to Lafayette Street is now two-way and has a lovely double yellow line painted down its middle (courtesy of our DPW). I grew up in the neighborhood. For years and years and years the street (bordering the Corner Lunch) was one way and NEVER EVER two way – or repaired. It always looked dumpy.

Why the big change?

Could it be that District 1 City Counilor Joff Smith’s family has relocated their scrap metal business there and wanted a nice new convenient two-way street on which to conduct their business – Goldstein’s Scrap and Metal? And Joff could make that happen – as soon as they made the move from their old site – Harrison Street – to the new one? Most likely the answer is yes. After all, their son sits on the city council’s street/parking subcommittee – only for most folks, it takes years for anything to happen to their street. Continue reading City Councilor Joff Smith and Goldstein Scrap Metal’s new street

More on Christina Andrianopoulos!

By Rosalie Tirella

I have been reading the shit-storm that has engulfed Christina Andrianopoulos. When I first read about her, I thought, knowing what I know: keep out of it, Rose; you have enough to write about; have a bit of restraint. But I can’t resist! This is just too juicy!

Two funny Christina stories that just show you what kinda “star” this old gal is: I go out with a guy who is a contractor/carpenter. He told me this story about Christina, only he called her “the cunt.” Several years ago, Christina hired him to do some handyman work at her house. He did the work. Then she called him Christmas eve – the night of her big holiday party at her home. She asked him to come down and trim the door he had just put in. She had just installed new wall-to-wall carpeting, and the door wasn’t closing properly. He – wanting the cash – made a house call to Christina’s home on Christmas eve. He did the job. The door closed the right way. He gave her her bill.

He said Christina was rich and lived in a fine house and hung out with this old guy, also rich. He didn’t think she would balk at the price. She gave him some money, but she wouldn’t give him the rest. The balance? A whopping $50. She told him no way, Jose. Continue reading More on Christina Andrianopoulos!

Joff Smith, “Rick” Rushton and Gary Rosen! Gak!!!

By Rosalie Tirella

Yup! That was my first, true, gut – “visceral,” if you want to get fancy – reaction when I heard that these three guys are most likely going to run for State Rep. Bob Spellane’s seat when he vacates it next year to become a grown up.

While I have always liked City Counilor at Large Gary Rosen, at 64 years old, he’s simply too old to run for this seat. It’s like he’s embarking on a political career when he should be … gardening. It’s strange: Gary dropped out of the Worcester mayoral race last month because he said he wasn’t up to campaigning. Too energy-sapping. Too much work. But he would have done pretty well (won reelection to his city councilor at large seat) if he had just kept his name on the ballot and spent the rest of the fall sorting his sock drawer. But yeesh, Gary, a run for state rep slot? How many people in Paxton know you? How are you gonna reach all these voters? Think of all the Gary-Rosen-for-State-Rep combs you’ll have to pass out!

It just goes to show you: some people are 9 parts ego and 1 part human being. Continue reading Joff Smith, “Rick” Rushton and Gary Rosen! Gak!!!

State Rep. Bob Spellane calls it quits

By Rosalie Tirella

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer city! State Rep. Robert Spellane is not seeking re-election! Worcester can finally cut itself loose from the cuckoo’s-nest that is State Rep. Bob Spellane’s personal life AND bizarro lapses of judgement. Such as not having to pay his mortgage on his country house for over a year BECAUSE he sat high and mighty on a Beacon Hill banking committee – and got a break from a Worcester County bank. (No conflict of interest there!) And let’s not forget his father in law is suing him for $150,000 – the loan he made to son-in-law Spellane, which Spellane never re-paid.

How low can a state rep go? Spellane’s personal life is a shambles (cheating on his wife with a girl reporter from the local cable news channel, running around a park picnic table after his brother-in-law because his ex-wife didn’t give him the $20 bucks she owed him – half the cost of a pair of sneakers they bought for their son. AND he threw car keys at her. Real adults had to separate the two “kids.” Continue reading State Rep. Bob Spellane calls it quits

Kate Toomey as mayor of Worcester?

By Rosalie Tirella

Kate Toomey, mayor of Worcester. How disorienting a freakin’ sentence is that?!

Mayor Toomey. Mayor Toomey? I just don’t get it! What do other people see in her that I am obviously blind to?

Toomey’s a woman with zero personality, zero charisma, zero charm. But forget the personality for a moment. As a Worcester city councilor (this is her second term), she never really adds anything of substance to Worcester city council meetings – except her approval of any plan hatched by the Rushton/Murray/Petty/old boys’ team. I watch the city council meetings ever week (from the comfort of a living room, away from the T & G/Blow Mag hacks who just love to give Rushton and Petty and their pals all the best play and make it a habit of dumping on Mayor Konnie Lukes, even Gary Rosen – outsiders, both), and Toomey never ever has came up with a cool plan or vision for anything! She has never had a passion about any issue. She has never advocated for anybody/anything on the council floor with vigor. She has never stood her ground fighting for anything. Toomey seems quiet, even a little withdrawn. Continue reading Kate Toomey as mayor of Worcester?

Don’t look a gift pool in the mouth!

By Rosalie Tirella

How typically Worcester! How stupidly Worcester! Here we go again! Shooting ourselves in the foot (and ankle, knee cap, hip joint, rib cage, etc, etc) – AGAIN! This is why our downtown is a freaking wasteland! This is why most people in the state think we’re a joke! This is why the young leave our seven hills in droves! The brohaha over the proposed swimming pool for Crompton Park has all the earmarks of a classic Worcester shit-storm: Yes, we want a pool at Crompton Park! No, we don’t want a pool in Crompton Park! Shove it up your tight butthole! NO! You shove it up your even tighter butthole! Worcester City Counilors (except for Barbara Haller) not doing their jobs (they had more than two years to decide what to do with our decrepit city pools!), then Worcester City Councilors grandstanding and bitching that they weren’t allowed to do their jobs! Well meaning community folks (mostly from the inner city) who have been disenfranchised for so long that they are totally inflexible on the issue just so they can feel like they matter to City Hall. Yup! Let’s all bite our noses to spite our faces!

And in the meantime, while our shitstorm blinds us, the $2.5 million that Worcester City Manager Mike O’Brien has set aside for the building of a cool, cool new pool at Crompton Park in Green Island – the digging and construction was supposed to begin THIS FALL/MAYBE EVEN THIS MONTH, if we weren’t so busy attacking each other! – could disappear. The $2.5 million could go to pay for other things … like the $150,000+ salaries of regular ol’ Worcester cops (don’t get me started – just see our Top 150 Municipal Wage Earners of Worcester, to the left.) Now that would be a tragedy. Continue reading Don’t look a gift pool in the mouth!

Our Teddy Kennedy

By Rosalie Tirella

I was glued to the TV this past weekend, watching history unfold before my eyes: the wake of the late, great US Senator Edward Moore Kennedy, the funeral mass of Ted Kennedy, the goodbyes to Ted Kennedy. From folks in Boston, Massachusetts, from his colleagues/staff in Washington DC., from people all over the country. The entire American pageant.

I only cried at the end, when I had wisely switched to CSPAN for the gravesite ceremony. Thanks to CSPAN, there was almost complete silence as Kennedy was carried to his grave in Arlington Cemetery. No commentators bloviating, no melodramatic music piped in by the news channels to seduce you into a mood. You simply saw the silent end – heart-rending. To be put into the ground. To be covered with dirt. To be locked in the earth, darkness, forever. Even with the flag draped over Kennedy’s coffin, all the flowers at the cemetery, the “eternal flame” at the grave site, and brothers Jack and Bobby waiting silently in the earth nearby, you felt: Teddy will never see a tree again – or the sky. Oh, the exquisite pain! Continue reading Our Teddy Kennedy

Taco is correct!

I agree with Taco on one important point: the same folks keep getting recyled through Worcester’s political system. Let’s all take a big gulp of Milk of Magnesia and purge ourselves of folks like City Councilor Mike Germain, a guy who knows nothing about pretty much everything. We need to get these guys the hell outa city hall.

Sad but true: Awhile ago I was told that Worcester City Manager Mike O’Brien and L.G. Tim Murray (maybe before he was L.G.) went to someone’s house – together, paid this person a personal visit – to ask this person to run for a seat on the Worcester City Council. How’s that for trying to control the system? When would Tim Murray come to my home and ask me to run for city council or school committee? Like Taco said, these guys want to fill the council with council-bots – people who will rubber stamp their programs/agendas. They, in turn, will support the council-bots with their considerable political muscle ($$, volunteers, endorsements, important contributor lists, etc). I am not saying all their programs are merit-less. I AM saying their way of doing politics sucks.

– Rosalie Tirella

Joe blows!

By Rosalie Tirella

We hope Mayor Konstantina Lukes blows “Joe-Blow” O’Brien right outa the freakin’ water!

Amazing! Every election cycle the old Murray/Rushton/Donahue/Eddy brigade farts out yet another political wannabe. This time around the farted (oops! we mean annointed!) is Joe O’Brien, a guy with nothing to offer but his connections – and searing political ambitions.

Yes, yes, I know he has done some work on behalf of the schools, and he lives in Main South, etc, etc. But it seems to me O’Brien’s political work has always been in service to HIS POLITICAL CAREER – as if the ambitious O’Brien were just biding time until … the President came calling!

But President Obama hasn’t given O’Brien a ring-a-ding-ding. So O’Brien decides he wants to be mayor of Worcester -an idea that apparently popped into his head after spending a few years as Congressman Jim McGovern’s regional director. O’Brien’s job as McGovern’s top banana was a political plum thrown to him after helping run (so they say) L.G.’s Tim Murray campaign. (Talk about connections! Can’t the rest of us be connected too so we can get high-paying jobs for giving half-assed speeches on behalf of our pals?) Continue reading Joe blows!