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Worcester County for Bernie Sanders to Host Campaign Kickoff & Watch Party!!

April 27, 2-5 pm

at the Worcester Youth Center, 326 Chandler St!!

We are a group of local activists, advocates and volunteers working together to show Worcester County support for Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders.

Our group, known as Worcester County for Bernie Sanders, is comprised of an array of people from different walks of life and areas throughout the county. Inspired by our candidateโ€™s commitment to public service, our goal is to organize our community on issues that matter and inform voters about why Bernie might be the best choice for them come primary season.

At a bimonthly meeting, you might hear some of us discussing the issues that got us interested in Sanders. Whether it be the need for improved health insurance, more affordable education, Veteranโ€™s benefits, or something else, we all share a common interest in wanting to make our community a better place for everyone who lives here. We want to reach out to Worcester families who resonate with the idea that weโ€™re due for a change.

Working families are struggling to make ends meet while corporations make billions … Natural disasters and global warming are growing in intensity, and we need a leader who will take action. Innocent families seeking legal asylum are torn apart at the border, and itโ€™s time to stand up to injustice.

Itโ€™s true that you must be the change you want to see in the world, and we know we have to work together as citizens to bring about the political revolution so desperately needed.

It may seem like the American Dream is far from attainable right now, but we are America, and we can work together to make the dream of a more just and peaceful world a reality for everyone.

We are confident that Bernie Sanders is the strongest candidate this election season, and we are happy to welcome anyone interested in learning more about his Presidential goals to our Campaign Kickoff and Watch Party this coming Saturday, April 27, at the Worcester Youth Center on 326 Chandler St., from 2 to 5 pm.

This location is ADA Accessible and family-friendly, and all are welcome! Snacks and refreshments will be provided, but feel free to bring some to share if you would like. Bring a notebook, pen and a smile!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

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