Chef Joey is in 🇫🇷 … Covid-19, French edition … Stay healthy – try this recipe♥️

Text and pics by Chef Joey

Chef Joey’s mom lives outside Cannes

Bonjour … Just to keep you posted … What’s happening here in France: Everything is cancelled. The Cannes Film festival is the largest anual event in the world, and they can’t decide and are waiting. It’s in May, so they are optimistic. Meanwhile, the USA is closing things left and right -Massachusetts seems to have a 5 day delay on what’s happening here.

They started closing restaurants last week here in France. Nothing is open, except banks that are all automated. There have not been tellers for four or five years – just a receptionist to assist.

Joey is cooking, eating well and caring for family.

It is work from home everywhere else. Medical offices here have no magazines! There is special protocol. Markets – pharmacies and, being France (the French love their cigarettes) tobacco stores. But they all have gas,-station-like windows – gas stations have been automated here forever in France. But this is now creating a new niche: at the markets for Prepared Foods. Take out. This will be an interesting turn for France!

On a different scale, trash pickup here has been every day since I was a kid, and street sweeping happens every morning and has for about the last 30 years in most French cities.IMG_4548[2686]
Healthy greens keep your immune system strong!

By 7 am all services are done, including the emptying of many public trash receptacles throughout France, ensuring a clean beginning each and eveey. This is sanitary and eliminates an ugly urban landscape. This also happens in all major and minor cities in Italy!
The Italians have a week on us as far as Covid-19 goes: they sing from their balconies and respect the ban!



The French already have gated properties. Condo/apartment high rise living is the issue, but most buildings are older and windows are open. They are working on filtration for glass high rise, newer buildings with central air and heating. As a parent … it is extra scary – I have my daughter Gigi with me. And, hopefully, the virus does not mutate to hit ourfur babies!




Here is an easy, healthy recipe that lasts for days and is so good!! You can make it vegetarian by adding goat cheese. It comes out nice!

By using quinoa, you eliminate the gluten and add good grains to your diet as well. All quinoa has different sizes, so follow the directions on the box for cooking. One and 1/2 cups is all you need for this recipe for 4.

List of ingredients:

1 1/2 cups worth of raw quinoa, cooked and chilled

1/2 English cuke, peeled, seeded and cut into fine pieces

10 to 15 grape tomatoes cut into 4

2 scallions cut in half, then small pieces

Handful of flat parsley leaves chopped fine

Handful chopped mint, chopped fine

1 small can chic peas, drained

2 lemons juiced


4 tbsp olive oil or sunflower oil

Salt and pepperto mix.


Literally, add everything to a bowl and mix!

Serve with a parsley garnish – this dish will keep for up to a week!

We all miss Chef Joey, (right)! Richard and Gigi …