Chef Joey’s filled and baked green and red peppers! …+🎶

Text and pics by Chef Joey

ICT_Yum Yums-edited
Chef Joey makes wonderful stuffed peppers!

For 12 Stuffed “Greek Peppers” …

Jett and a green pepper! pic: R.T.

Chop your onions …

… Sauté 2 onions chopped fine in sunflower oil

Add 4 cloves chopped garlic


… and 2 stalks celery, chopped.

Add 1/2 cup water and cover. As water evaporates, add 1/2 pound or a little more of lean ground beef or turkey. If you want a vegan or vegetarian meal, omit meat, follow these steps, and at the end, add 1 1/4 cup cooked lentils or quinoa.

Sauté, add 28 oz stewed tomatoes (chopped tomatoes work fine too)

1 tbsp oregano and

1 tsp cinnamon

Add 1 cup rice (I used basmati) that’s been soaking in water (just a smidge over the top of the rice).

As the first thing you do before cooking. Add rice – and a few tablespoons of tomato concentrate (kind of optional but makes for a richer flavor).

Cover and stir every few minutes for about 15 mins – salt and pepper.

I pre-boil the peppers for about 8 mins until slightly soft. Keep the pepper water handy if you have to add a little to the mix.

When your rice is 90% done or completely done for faster oven time – pour some of the sauté in the bottom of the pan.

Stuff your peppers with your mix, top with parsley and bake about a 1/2 hour – uncovered if you like a crunchy top, covered if you like all soft. Easy! Everything takes just one hour!

Yum yum!!!!

I hope you enjoy this dish – and anyone else you share this with too!
Tonight Joey, Gigi and Grandma sheltered in place while eating their dinner – made by Joe Joe!