City Manager Mike O’Brien to discuss new city housing policy …

… this coming Tuesday, at the Worcester City Council Meeting (meeting begins at 7 p.m.).  Here is the agenda. The manager’s recommendation letter is found in the “attachment” to the right of his presentation: First Item of Business, 6A. This will all probably be happening a bit after 7 p.m.

Click on the link below for the City Council Agenda. Then click on Mike O’Brien’s attachment, re the Housing Study to see what he has to say in his letter – 6 a. To make his “letter” readable, go to top of menu bar and hit 100%. You are only seeing the document at 32% of its size.

We believe this strategy is anti-working folks, anti-inner-city resident. It is ultimately racist/classist – bent on eliminating certain populations in the City of Worcester.

– R.Tirella

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