Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland blogger aka “The Wizard of Claude”!

By Rosalie Tirella

Yesterday, after reading Claude’s Dorman’s blog, Worcester Wonderland, I thought: Court again!

But NOPE. There was no court date – just Dorman rehashing the court date of a few weeks ago. Claude, I guess, expected to see me and Paulie dragged off in chains that day. He didn’t. The judge dismissed the case.

So I have deleted yesterday’s blog post (unlike Claude who would a. keep it up and b. concoct even more lies – the guy is totally nutso!) to write a new post:

So now Claude Dorman has become the “Stormin’ Dorman” that the Worcester Police Department has laughed about. He is in meltdown mode and is playing out the court case he lost via his toxic blog, reframing the court events, lying about the proceedings and the people there so he can:

1. feel better about losing

2. whip up some sympathy for himself – a guy who has trashed the entire city, pissed half the city off … defamed EVERYONE he was a wee bit jealous of. People tell me has serious mental health issues.

Let’s just call him … “The Wizard of Claude”!

Last night I was texting Bill and I texted at one point: Claude thought he was Superman but we (Paulie, Harry, Bill and me) we were his Kryptonite!

A few minutes passed. Then my phone buzzes. It’s Bill with: “More like the Wizard of Claude. You were Dorothy and we were the straw man, the lion and the tin man.”


Then another buzz from Bill: “Paul is the lion. Harry the tin man. I am the scare crow.”


And so true. Here we were, the entire city really, wondering who was the almighty Wonderland? Could his magical web powers hurt us? Help us? Send us hurtling back to … Somerville or Green Island?

We – the lion, the tin man and Dorothy – went on our “little adventure” – did the work, the rersearch, suffered for our knowledge/enlightenment, had silly conversations ’round midnight …. THEN FINALLY! … We find The Wizard of Claude!

We have the magic name! Oh, my!

But who is this all powerful entity? Just old Claude Dorman, a crank who lives at 38 Sever St., right here in Worcester – a screwed-up 50-something who has salt and pepper hair and has a history of harassing and calling the police and hauling into court lots of Worcesterites.

The Wizard of Claude – just some middle-aged jamoke messing with his coumputer, some cheapo light machine – behind the big curtain of his security-camera covered home by Elm Park.

Where are my ruby slippers?

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