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My Tinker Bell Project

By Dorrie Maynard

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Please support Dorrie’s nonprofit! Every Wed she is outside Piedmont’s Mustard Seed soup kitchen giving out free pet food and supplies to Worcester’s homeless and poor. They have dogs and cats, too! And love them!

Editor Rose asked me to try and write about something hopeful. That is a stretch these days, but I will try. I am going to write about my latest little “pet” project named Tinker Bell. I call her Bell for short. She is my cutest lil’ pup! Her story:

I had been giving pet food to a woman in Winchedon (through my Central Mass Kibble Kitchen, Inc.) for a few months. She had mentioned that she was willing to give up three of the pups her dog had had three years ago by accident. I said I would be interested in the only female – the boys went to Leave No Mutts Behind Rescue League.

I was a little shocked that the woman, clearly overwhelmed and unable to properly feed and care for all her dogs, had agreed to give them up. But I think they were just too much for her – and she still has five dogs and several cats! She has started having health issues of her own and was not addressing them because she didn’t want to be away from her dogs for long enough to have her treatments!

I got Bell this spring … She is very shy and very fragile, frightened of everything, probably even of her own shadow. She had never been socialized or been around anyone other than her owner. She was fine with my dogs but growled at them to give her her space – which they allowed.

She is coming around, slowly but surely. I had been feeding her in my bed, as she refused to move, even gave her water out of a little bowl while she was lying down on my bed. I decided enough is enough: not babying her anymore … I have to walk her down the stairs (not sure she knows how to use them) and put her in the backyard. Today – Success! Bell did her business outside for the first time!!

Ma Bell doesn’t like to be outdoors and “unprotected” – she hides underneath chairs and behind the broom. The first time I put her outside in my fenced yard, not knowing how she would react. It took me 20 minutes to catch her, she kept running from me, she was that afraid.

Bell has a healthy appetite but needs to gain several pounds. Leave no Mutts behind will be helping me to get her vetted and spayed as soon as she is healthy enough or they are able to get her in. Her brothers and her dad are under their care. So if you are interested in adopting a sweet little pup, you can go to their website for information and adoption fees.

I know with time Bell will become more confident and know that she doesn’t have anything to be afraid of. Her new life at my house with me and all my pets is a huge change for her little life, the life that she was so used to.

I put a collar on her and tried to put her on a leash. For a nice walk! I thought she was going to strangle herself she was so terrified! Bell had no idea what I was trying to do or what she was supposed to do. I will try again in the future, as she gains more trust.

I guess I am always up for a challenging “dog” adoption situation as that is how I have adopted all my others! I call them my problem children with a past! But love unconditional love prevails. Somehow we always seem to figure things out and we all live happily ever after!

I got rid of my king sized bed and went to a queen sized. I really miss the space – my lil’ dogs couldn’t care less. They pretty much sleep where ever they want!
That is how we roll!


Now it’s time to write about something that is happening all over the city, illegal fireworks, M80’s, cannons and whatever else that is being lit every night for the past several weeks.

The city management issued a statement that they will not be tolerated and was going to start to fine people. But if you call the WPD police and actually give them the exact address where this is all happening, the WPD police dispatcher tells you that the police are busy handling life and death situations and fireworks are a low priority.

I have not had a full night’s sleep in weeks! Every time I think it is over and fall back asleep another huge fireworks boom shakes my windows, and my dog lunges at the window screaming, panting and shaking! It takes 5 minutes or more to calm her down. And just when she is calm again, another boom!

Does the City just not care about law abiding citizens and the quality of life that they are subject to or having to deal with? People that have PTS, dogs, cats, babies, children, people that actually have to work for a living and get up in the morning? I pay taxes to this city and I am entitled to a peaceful night! What is it going to take to enforce the quality of life law in Worcester? If the city issued a statement because of the hundreds of complaints nightly, what are they doing about enforcing it? I am so sick of it, as are many that I know!

If you hear illegal fireworks and such, please call the non emergency police number 508.799.8606 and report it to a dispatcher – press 1!

The more people that complain on a regular basis, the more the police will do something about it!

There is so much insanity in this world today, and everyone is on high alert to begin with. Worcester fireworks is an issue that the city needs to take seriously and do something about it! If you would like to change how this city handles issues and the management team behind the decisions, get out and VOTE! The same old same old people gives us the same old results! When citizens are calling and complaining about an issue that has a huge impact on their lives and nothing is being done about it, there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.


Leaving everyone with my favorite quote by Max Ehrmann:
“Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. In the noise confusion of life, keep peace in our soul.”



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