Community! Real, live, hands-on volunteer opportunities at REC

recThe hipsters at REC know so much about FOOD JUSTICE and bringing great, local produce into the city –  making it accessible to all and affordable for our low-income families, too! Truly multicultural, spanning the economic spectrum –  REC rocks!!

Get your hands dirty/busy in Worcester community gardens, farmers markets, community programs… and learn! Volunteers wanted at REC – the Regional Environmental Council! Not to just push a business on Facebook but to actually show up, be a part of, work at the REC farmers markets, as well as their many community gardens or programs for inner-city kids!

Not some phony public relations blitz that doesn’t want you personally working their farmers market but wants you pushing their brand on social media … REC offers Worcesterites A REAL CHANCE TO GET INVOLVED! All hands welcome! For real!

Volunteer at the YouthGROW Farm!

Open Greenhouse – (check REC website for hours)

Also Mark Your Calendar For:

June 14th REC Main South Market Opening Day!

June 16th REC Beaver Brook Market Opening Day!

June 17th REC Mobile Market Opening Day!

Grow Your Community!

Support REC!

CLICK HERE to visit the REC website and learn more!