Dear friends …

… For donkeys, horses, bullocks, and other animals in the sugar mill districts of India, one day’s work can be back-breaking — literally. But you can make a difference! Please become an Animal Rahat sponsor today and help bring desperately needed relief to working animals in India.

Animal Rahat is a unique lifesaving organization in India that was started with help from PETA. “Rahat” means “relief” — and that’s exactly what Animal Rahat provides to hardworking animals in India. The organization provides free veterinary care and respite to animals in desperate need.

Your desire to see an end to the abuse and mistreatment of animals around the world is what keeps us going. That’s why I want to make sure that you know about Animal Rahat’s lifesaving work for India’s animals.

The life of a working animal in India is filled with endless labor, suffering and sadness. India has one of the world’s poorest populations and is still dependent on animals for manual labor —especially in rural areas.

Bullocks, horses, camels and donkeys are forced to carry massive loads and pull heavy farm equipment using primitive and painful wooden yokes and crude harnesses that dig into their flesh. These animals often go an entire day without a drop of water as they toil in the burning heat and dust. Veterinary care — even for animals who are lame or dying — is often non-existent. 

This is where Animal Rahat — and you — can step in and be their lifeline. This help can mean the difference between life and death.

When Animal Rahat first encountered Sariya, the bullock, his situation looked hopeless. Forced to pull a heavy cart along rutted roads without any shoes, this gentle animal became lame. When Sariya could no longer continue working, his owner sold him to a slaughterhouse to be killed and turned into shoes or handbags.

A kind man took pity on Sariya, interrupted the bullock’s trip to the slaughterhouse, and took him to Animal Rahat veterinarians for treatment.

Sariya has now fully recovered and is living a peaceful life at a Rahat facility.

Your sponsorship gift of just $45 today can pay for an entire day of treatment by Animal Rahat for sick and injured animals like Sariya, so please donate right now.

There are approximately 300,000 working animals in the two regions of India where Animal Rahat works. For most of them, Animal Rahat is their only hope. The organization’s vets have been able to reach about 10 percent of them — which is a lot of desperate animals — but Animal Rahat needs your help so that it can do much more.

As an Animal Rahat donor, you will be making a commitment to helping working animals in India who have absolutely no one else to relieve their pain, give them rest, give them a drink of water, or fulfill their most basic needs. There are so many horses, bullocks, donkeys, and other working animals in urgent need of the help that this important organization provides.

Won’t you support India’s hard-pressed working animals by becoming an Animal Rahat sponsor right now?

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk, president

P.S. Becoming an Animal Rahat sponsor is easy and enormously rewarding. Visit our Animal Rahat sponsorship page today and Animal Rahat will use your gift to reach as many animals as it can.

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