Did you ever wonder who was behind InCity Times’ Ban-wild-animals-from-circuses FB page?


Go Deb and Juno, go!!!!!!!!

Wonderful local gal and passionate animal rights activist Deb Young, pictured above, of course! For a good while Deb also penned the InCity Times Animal Times column, but she got way too busy (see below!) to commit to writing a regular column. So she created and updates the InCity Times circus Facebook page, seen on this website (just click on text below photo of elephant), where you can learn WHAT REALLY HAPPENS TO ELEPHANTS AND OTHER WILD ANIMALS forced to live and “perform” in traveling shows. You’ll also read about the amazing awareness that is sweeping the world … country after country, city after city is passing laws to STOP THE SUFFERING!

Deb’s Chihuahua, Juno, plays a big part in Deb’s many efforts to help ALL animals. And people, too!

We think Juno’s the bees knees! He looks so cute in his little car, donning his wee helmet and pair of goggles!

Thank you, Deb, for all the great things you do for animals and our community!

– Rosalie Tirella


The work Juno and I do

By Deb Young

Juno is my six-pound Chihuahua and the pack leader of Juno’s Place.

Juno’s calm demeanor and gentle disposition towards children and adults make her the perfect ambassador and trusted friend.

Event fundraisers for Juno are an opportunity for her to engage and interact with the public.

Organizations supported by Juno include Kane’s Krusade, Spay Worcester, Pet Rock Festival, The Cold Noses Foundation, SweetPea Animal Shelter, Massachusetts Vest- A -Dog, Paws For A Cause and ending B.S.L.

Juno campaigned on behalf of Sweet Pea animal Shelter and was awarded a Petco Foundation grant of $18,461. This provided needed renovations and the construction of the shelter’s “Freedom Yard”!

Juno and I do not confine our efforts to animals alone. Juno’s Paw-it-Forward project collects supplies for Worcester’s Union Hill Elementary  school where 98% of the students live at poverty level. Items such as backpacks, school supplies, clothing and food are donated yearly.

Juno also supports finding a cure to say goodbye to cancer!

In 2014, Juno raised $1,000 for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life and a “Christmas in August “ for a preschooler fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Juno and I are also spearheading our “Speak Up” nationwide campaign. It encourages people to recognize the link between domestic violence and animal abuse. The goal of the “Speak Up” Campaign is to shed light on the abuse of pets — and the link to other domestic violence.  I hope the campaign will also branch out to local counseling and mental health centers.

There is a correlation been established between animal abuse, family violence, and other forms of community violence. Abusers often don`t stop with their primary victim – they hurt others in the home.  Police officers see this evidence when they respond to 911 calls.

If more people Dial 9-1-1 when they suspect animal abuse, not only will an animal be protected, but the police will have the opportunity to uncover more domestic violence cases. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), domestic violence comes in many forms, including physical, sexual, and emotional violence and threats. Killing, harming, or threatening to harm animals are weapons used by abusers to manipulate victims into silence and to destroy the comfort that animals provide.

Abuse is not a problem with anger management, but rather a way to establish and maintain control over victims, experts say.  Protecting victims of animal abuse will help prevent domestic violence, too.

Experts agree that statistics about abuse, while disturbing, probably downplay the true magnitude of domestic violence. Cross-reporting requires law enforcement and social agencies to report abuse and collaborate in investigations.  In some states, animal protection agencies must also report suspected child abuse and child protective services must also report suspected animal cruelty.

Communities must acknowledge that the abuse of any living being is unacceptable and endangers everyone.

Recognizing that cruelty to animals is a significant form of aggressive and antisocial behavior may help further the understanding and prevention of violence.

Juno’s Place has 135,000 followers actively engaged in Juno’s causes. Juno is known as “the little dog that does big things”! Check it out:


Or email Juno/me at: Junosplace@yahoo.com