Disappointed in Charter Communications …

By Rosalie Tirella

Let’s not talk about how it took Charter Communications – the area’s cable TV company – a half year to fix the problem with my mom’s cable service. Let’s not talk about how they no loner give her and other Worcester area elders the “senior discount” on their cable TV bills. Let’s not talk about how all my friends hate Charter’s high prices and have fled to “The Dish” to save loads of money and get great reception. Let’s talk about …

… how the folks at Charter Communcations can’t even get their government channels working, how, for the past two weeks, when you turn to the Charter govt channels (11 and 12) to watch the Worcester City Council or School Committee meetings, you get crap. A frozen picture, a pixilated picture, a voice-less broadcast. The city meetings are absolutely unwatchable – like viewing a very damaged DVD.

This is what Charter is supposed to “donate” to the city for monopolizing this market and gauging everyone?!

You would think Charter, which was recently on the verge of bankruptcy, would have the good sense to make good on the basics. But no! If anyone in Worcester – including yours truly – wants to watch any City of Worcester PUBLIC meetings (health and services, public works, City Council, etc) on their TV forget it! You can’t even make sense out of the city’s listings/announcements.

Pathetic! We are paying for this service – and not getting it!

I want my City Council meeting nights back! I want a return to the nights when I can visit my mom at her little studio apartment Tuesday nights, make her dinner, brew us two cups of coffee and sit down to watch my hometown in all its gritty glory. I take notes and report … . I chat with my mother who loves the company.

Charter is wrecking a family tradition! A boring family tradition, but a family tradition, nonetheless!

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