District 2 City Councilor Phil Palmieri and the voter fraud game!

By Rosalie Tirella

Why would District 2 City Councilor Phil Palmieri, at 65, believe that he can he run for higher office, when he can’t even contribute anything of significance to the City of Worcester as a Worcester city councilor?

Phil is pointless. But he is too arrogant and stupid to know he is pointless. He runs for his District 2 seat unopposed – and a ton of folks in his district vote for: NOBODY! That is, voters in his district choose NOT TO VOTE for Phil Palmieri when they are casting their ballots at election time. They vote for mayor, they vote for at large councilors, but they don’t – won’t! – vote for Phil!

That is why Candy Carlson came within a milimeter of unseating him several years ago. Candy was the last challenger for Phil’s district 2 seat. She ran a great campaign. People loved her and she had the unions behind her. Maybe she would have beat ol’ Phil but some boys – Paul Giorgio and Paul Pezzella – decided to vote in District 2 even though they lived outside the district. Pezzella in Boston! [to learn more about Paul Giorgio, please click on our “Paul Giorgio trial” category to the left] These two guys almost went to jail for voter/election fraud – but the judge was lenient and they played stupid (yup! two sleazoid political operatives don’t know you have to vote where you live!) and got off, with a few slaps on their wrists. How many other folks in District 2 played the Giorgio/Pezzella voter fraud game that year? We’ll never know.

We do know that Palmieri wants to play the voter fraud game now! He is going to pull a Giorgio! He’s changed his home address to his poor mama’s Shrewsbury Street abode, so he can run for State Rep. Vinny Pedone’s seat, if Pedone decides to run for Sheriff, if Guy Glodis decides to run for … . And the beat goes on!

Right now Palmieri does live in District 2 – but his current address falls in State Rep. O’Days district. Palmieri ran for that seat a few years ago and lost to O’Day – big time.

So, we hope, today’s voters see Phil for what he is: a criminal. A guy who is flouting voting/election laws so he can run for Pedone’s seat. A sneaky – AND ILLEGAL MOVE.

But … hey … maybe this is the real reason why Phil changed his address: A half year ago I got a letter from an InCity Times reader. The letter writer informed me that he/she had caught Phil Palmieri in a love nest! The letter writer saw Phil and another woman (not his wife) eating a lovely dinner in a lovely restaurant in the lovely town of Newport, Rhode Island! Phil told the person something like this: We like to come here.

Of course you do, Phil. And if you are indeed cheating on your wife and want to start over, maybe that’s what you do: leave your wife/family at your old address and put you and your girlfriend in the new address … your mother’s house on Shrewsbury Street.

How very Italian.

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