District 4 needs daily trash pick up

Pics+text by Rosalie Tirella

… Or free yellow garbage bags

Or … something! This visual pummeling can’t continue! This public health disaster hurts our kids – many poor and already behind the 8 ball!

We here in D 4 are not the suburbs! We’re not even the West Side or Burncoat – we are true city, lots of inner-city spaces.


I took these photos in Green Island, lower Vernon Hill, even Stafford Street, during these past few weeks. This says EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR CITY – OUR VALUES, OUR WORLD VIEW, our relationship to outsiders. This urban messy piss pot cancels out all the accomplishments. People leave the Hanover, drive to the expressway … and see discarded tattered office chairs or even bureaus on our streets and on-ramps. They see green leaf or contractor bags filled with crap that the city ignores on trash pick up day because the bags are not official, City of Worc.-sanctioned garbage bags. JUST PICK THEM UP ON TRASH DAY, CASSELLA GUYS! Please! They decompose on the sidewalks over time! And with summer here, the stench will be unbearable. Rats galore …

The Worcester trash problem discourages solid folks from buying homes or renting apartments here, the second largest CITY in New England; it keeps small businesses at bay. Visitors remember the negative – and tell their friends! And laugh! We are not the utility closet of New England any longer – but its Dumpster.

I’ve never seen it so bad! And I grew up poor on these streets years ago!

We are killing our city, Mayor Joe Petty and city council! This is so heart-breaking for responsible residents who clean, pick up after neighbors, call city hall to get some help – EVERY DAY. Every day! And let’s not get started on discarded syringes!