Downtown day dreams

By Rosalie Tirella

Driving around downtown Worcester is something I’ve been doing almost every day for the past 13 years – part of running InCity Times. I see what we all know: Our urban hub has zippo hub bub…

But yesterday I was longing, longing, longing, longing for a REAL DOWNTOWN! Like they have in Providence or Hartford … cities smaller and poorer than Worcester. Capital cities, yes, but should we use that as an excuse?

Yesterday, I wanted to do this in my city’s downtown:

Window shop for shoes

Buy a pretty wrist watch

Walk down a Front Street that was filled with people walking one way and people walking the other way

Buy and eat – at a soda fountain! – a hot fudge sundae

Meet a gal pal and catch a movie in the middle of the afternoon

Then go for drinks

Walk down Franklin Street holding hands with a great looking guy, his long hair whipping in the wind

Visit several shops and try on all kinds of pretty, sheer summer dresses

People watch

Strut down the sidewalk wearing a tight skirt and chunky sandals that let me walk kinda fast and feel free even though I am wearing a tight skirt

Throw loose change into the open guitar case of a street musician who is singing an old Bob Dylan song

Bump into someone I haven’t seen for months and chat with the person, standing in the middle of the sidewalk with all the pedestrians forced to walk around us and me having to say to my long-lost friend: We’re gonna get mowed down! Let’s move to the side, over here!

Feel part of something bigger – the human race in all its precarious glory!

Be alone yet feel connected cuz I’m walking with, shopping with, eating with, flirting with, looking at the hundreds of people who are traipsing through, running down, stumbling down, loitering in, shopping in, drinking at, arguing in, kissing in, shaking hands in, shaking fists at, loving, hating, NURTURING MY DOWNTOWN!

Just by showing up.