Easy Valentine’s Day cake recipe!

Chocolate candies in decorative tins (Lilac loves Elvis!) make fun Valentine’s Day gifts! Just don’t feed ’em to your pups!

Wanna bake a cake for your true love? Chef Joey gives you the easiest cake recipe on the planet! Pour cake batter into a heart-shaped baking pan, slather on the gooey pink or red frosting and watch your waistline expand …

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Chef Joey says: LET LOVE RULE!


By Chef Joey

Easiest cake recipe in the world!

For a chocolate cake, add 6 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder

For a lemon or orange cake, add 1/4 cup juice and reduce water by 1/4 cup and add the zest of the fruit

For a vanilla cake, add 1 extra tablespoon vanilla flavoring

Basic cake:

2 1/2 cups flour

2 cups sugar (add chocolate at this point for chocolate cake)

Sift together in a bowl and add:

1 cup oil (vegetable preferred)

2 eggs

Mix the above together well – it will be like a paste.

Sprinkle 2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda on top

POUR 2 cups HOT WATER on top, then 1 tsp vanilla


Pour into 2 9″ greased and lined pans or a 9 x 12 greased and lined pan bake 375 for 20 – 25 minutes depending on your baking pans.

Test with a toothpick – remove from pan and let cool.

Frost with pink or red frosting, or top with fresh whipped cream and ruby-red strawberries!

Happy Valentine’s Day to heartthrobs everywhere!