Ed Murphy’s new Canal District bus system shows NO RESPECT for poor people! … and more!🐅


Circus trainer killed by his four tigers

By Katherine Sullivan

Circus trainers abuse animals until they’re so terrified that they’ll perform ridiculous, demeaning, and often painful tricks. It was during a training session that four tigers snapped, killing circus trainer Ettore Weber during a rehearsal yesterday evening in Italy, just one hour before a Circo Orfei show was scheduled to start.

Weber was knocked down by one of the tigers. The other three big cats pounced on him. According to the Daily Mail, medics watched in horror as the tigers played with his maimed body for about 30 minutes. The medics and the 61-year-old circus trainer’s fellow human performers were reportedly unable to do anything to help him.

Tigers panting in transport crates – many die from the intense stress and heat …


Abusive tiger “training techniques” are extremely widespread. The use of animals by circuses is inherently cruel, which is why PETA is working to end the practice.

Animals used in shows are trained through punishment and food deprivation.

In order to condition tigers to perform dangerous, unnatural tricks, handlers routinely punish those who don’t comply.

Circuses easily get away with such treatment, because no government agency monitors training sessions.


Tigers used in circuses are born into a life of misery, whereas they should roam free in the wild.

They’re often separated from their mothers long before they would naturally part, causing emotional distress for both mothers and cubs.

Many are forced to live inside cramped cages and are denied the opportunity to exercise, roam, socialize, forage or play. They’re often forced to eat, drink, sleep, defecate and urinate in the same place.

Sometimes, the only time these animals are let out of cages is for their brief performances — when they’re subjected to whippings and roaring crowds.


They’re big, dangerous predators who have teeth and claws, which they use to protect themselves. It’s not surprising that those who are denied food, beaten or whipped might snap.


Our goal is to make animal-abusing circus acts a thing of the past. We’ve made tons of progress, but we still need your help. Please, never buy a ticket to a circus that uses animals — attend only those that exclusively use willing human performers. And ALWAYS …




And don’t forget all the animals suffering on factory farms. EAT LESS MEAT, FEWER ANIMAL PRODUCTS… Please!🙏

Save Mother Earth!💙🌺🦁🌾


Ed Murphy and His Two Canal District Buds Must Step Up and Do the Right Thing!

By Rosalie Tirella

Brunch with mutts and Cece today…
💙💙🐈 pics: Rose T.

… but I can’t finish my pancakes! I just fell outa my kitchen chair in my Quinsig Village kitchen! I just discovered this!: Canal District $$$$$kid-real estate tycoon Ed Murphy and his two Canal District enablers (Allen Fletcher and Dino) are setting up their own personal FREE bus system to run through my old neighborhood – down Green, Water and Harding streets …
Green Street

But – get this – I’m not allowed on their bus! Or any regular/poor neighborhood person. It’s ONLY FOR THE CANAL DISTRICT UPPER-INCOME SHOPPERS, DRINKERS AND DINERS on those streets! If you’re just another Worcester jamoke making your way through the neighborhood and want a lift – forget it! You’re not allowed on! Not even in the back of the bus! Gentrification never looked so ugly.

But let’s take a look at Ed’s classism and the injustice of this new bussing system: You’re a poor neighborhood person without a car – and you wanna ride on Ed’s FREE shuttle bus … You’re a senior citizen and it’s hot out in the summer sun and you just went shopping and you wanna go from Kelley Square to the beginning of downtown Worcester, the Green Street bridge, and you’re feeling the heat, and you don’t want to pay the late, lousy WRTA city bus the rip-off $1.75 bus fare … You’re out in the pelting rain and you are sick of waiting for the sporadic WRTA city bus … You’re in the cold, it’s February, and you long for the darling buds of March, plus you’re arms are tired from carrying your shopping bundles up the street …
… You see a bunch of well dressed folks in fashionably distressed blue jeans boarding a cozy shuttle bus. Ed and pals’ shuttle bus. You walk up to Ed, Dino and Allen’s shuttle bus. The WRTA CANCELLED THEIRS, the WRTA shuttle bus, that used to run back and forth to City Hall and the Downtown “Hub.” (The WRTA brass-holes did this LAST JANUARY, in the MIDDLE OF WINTER!) You want to board Ed and pals’ clean, cozy shuttle bus. Too bad! GET OFF THEIR BUS, regular person! YOU’RE NOT A MONEY PERSON, A SPENDER – A CANAL DISTRICT SHOPPER, DINER, RENTER OR DRINKER!

You’re poor, you don’t patronize the Canal District establishments – so you’re not allowed to ride on the new, exclusive Canal District Bus!

What kind of New Worcester are we living in?

No poor Canal District/Worcester neighborhood people allowed on a bus that’s gonna roll right through their neighborhood, right in front of their eyes?!

NO RESPECT FOR THE PEOPLE! That’s what a friend said when I told her of the situation.

To add insult to injury – the buses aren’t even for people who need a ride! Ed, Allen and Dino chipped in and bought three parking lots in the area for their CD shoppers/customers/tenants so their patrons could bus – for free –to their cars parked – for free – in Ed, Dino and Allen’s new CD exclusive parking lots.So entitled people can feel even more entitled!!!!

To get a free lift a few yards down the street…to their very own cars.


These Three Gentrifiers – Ed, Allen, Dino – got their corporate buddies to pay for the actual shuttle bus service. Thanks, guys, for creating even more social stratification in my old neighborhood. For making our society even more unjust. For bringing Trump’s America to my old neighborhood!

Social stratification NEVER EXISTED IN THIS ‘HOOD WHEN I WAS A KID AND CALLED IT MY OWN💙! And basked in its diversity – economic, racial and social💙! To become, as my mother wanted me to become, a True Human Being! Dino, Ed and Allen’s shuttle buses will be carrying mostly all white, upper-middle-class people – Canal District shoppers/spenders – to their vehicles, a block or two away. So everything is easy and convenient. So rich people don’t have to sweat, even a little bit.

So unlike my late, sweet, tough mother, Cecelia – or any struggling Green Island single mom today – who knew/knows every crack in these neighborhood sidewalks, every fake brick in every fake “decorative” Canal District crosswalk!

My late mother Cecelia NEVER OWNED A CAR. She WALKED TO WORK AND DID HER SHOPPING ON GREEN, WATER AND MILLBURY STREETS – six days a week. In sweltering summer weather … in pelting rain, wearing her beige cloth raincoat and thin, clear plastic rain “bonnet” tied tight beneath her chin – the one she bought for pennies at White’s Five and Ten on Millbury Street. My late, great Mom never once complaining, never once “taking it out on” us kids – or expecting a free shuttle bus to take her to her destination.

I remember: Green Island December night, just after a snowstorm … trudging in the big tire tread marks the city snow plows left behind on Lafayette Street. We’re all wearing our heavy winter boots, my mom and we three kids – her little daughters. We’re walking home to our Lafayette Street tenement after Mom’s long work day at the dry cleaners on Millbury Street. My kid twin sisters and I, 6 and 9, respectively, are making a game of the trek because we are children and the world is MAGIC to us. We’re sliding, running up and down in the flat, smooth wide tire tread marks made by the huge Worcester DPW plow trucks. The sidewalks haven’t been shoveled out yet. We’re walking in the street gutter, against traffic. Whoah! My kid sister Tina just fell to the ground! Now she’s brushing the white, soft snow off her winter coat and laughing, looking back at me. She’s the family athlete and always takes physical chances! Then we are holding hands in the dark winter night – my cute little sis and me! I am looking up at the Lafayette Street street lights … my sister’s tiny hand reaches up for the yellow lamp-light. I feel so happy and lucky! I am with my sweet, pretty mother and my adorable kid sisters, and we are going home on this magical Green Island winter night!

There are Green Street and Green Island moms (and dads), their little kids, (and old people, too) making the same journeys today, in the now mostly gentrified neighborhood … in the sun, in the snow, in the elements, however unforgiving – and unforgettable💙.

It’s too bad Ed Murphy, Allen Fletcher and Dino can’t see them.