Edith – always in style! THE FINAL DEBATE🇺🇸🍿🇺🇸🍿

October 22 – the Final Presidential Debate🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

By Edith Morgan


So, who won this debate? That seems to be the question. But how do we decide? Was it a win that the microphones were muted when the other candidate was talking? Was it a win that Joe Biden could speak uninterrupted when it was his turn? Was it a win that Donald Trump stayed throughout the 90 minutes? Was it a win that moderator Kristen Welker maintained control most of the time, and was able to move the entire debate along so all subjects could at least be mentioned, even if they were often not answered.

It would have been a great win for the American people if there had been a lot of new and truthful information in the answers. And if we had the technology in place for immediate fact checks to be run alongside the screen, probably fewer viewers would be misled by the fantastic figures pulled out of thin air by Donald Trump. But that will take time to unravel and, unfortunately, our attention spans are too short to wait and check.


The debate was held at Belmont University auditorium, in Nashville, Tennessee. The format was basically the same as for the first debate: 90 minutes, divided into six sections, with a two-minute answer by one o the two, and response, then some discussion back and forth. Subjects covered were the corona virus, with differing views on the cost, in lives, the economy, and whom to blame; national security, healthcare, race in America and climate change. I was surprised that Trump still claims that windmills kill birds and solar is very expensive. And while he seemed very concerned about the birds, he was not bothered by the disease and respiratory problems and the cancers afflicting people, mostly minorities and poor people, living in the shadow of fracking operations or air pollution from coal and oil production. They were getting bigger pay checks there, he said.

🇺🇸file pic: Bill Coleman

Throughout the debate it was clear that the main concerns of the two presidential candidates were diametrically opposed: Trump’s main concern was opening up the economy, our schools, our businesses, while Biden wanted to lick the virus first, save lives and increase the minimum wage so that every working person could earn a living wage. For Trump, the stock market is vital, while not so much for Biden – as most middle- and lower-class Americans really have not much invested there.

On the question of the vaccine, Trump named the American companies working on the accelerated program, and claimed we would have 100 million vaccines available!!! But he was vague on the exact time, promising, as usual, that it would be soon. On further questioning, he still could not, or would not, give any details as to what his health plan would be.

I am surprised Trump is still getting away with this – after all, there have been 70 attempts to kill the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) and, surely, it would not take 10 years to come up with a new and better plan!! Where’s the plan, Donald?

Kudos to moderator Kristen Welker for keeping things moving and civilized. My condolences once again to the American people, who were denied truth, facts and in-depth understanding of the problems we as a country are facing.