Edith in Rose’s space! …The Vice-Presidential Debate💃💃

My VP Debate Notes

By Edith Morgan


The Vice-Presidential Debate. It was a relief, compared to the Trump-Biden fiasco days earlier. Though the rules were the same as for the Presidential Debate, the two participants followed them much better, and their interchanges were much more civilized – and more rational.

Of course, there were the usual lies and distortions, which you can check in great detail in the CNN Fact Check video. There is not time in this article to get into all of them! VP Mike Pence was his usual colorless, acolyte self and dutifully repeated his boss’ stories. Often he did not fully adhere to the time limits and often ignored the warnings of moderator Susan Page, who had generated many good questions in the nine areas she wanted covered, and who – by and large – kept control of the event.

I kept an eye on Democratic nominee Kamala Harris, and I found she really comes across as a caring human being – and as someone who does not let anyone walk over her, as Pence tried repeatedly to do. Women are accustomed to being interrupted or ignored by men in conversation – but Kamala simply smiled and said “I am talking” and continued to speak.

The CNN Fact Check found some inaccuracies in both speakers’ answers but, of course, far more and more serious ones on Pence’s part.

The format, nine areas in 10-minute segments, did not allow any in-depth discussion of any important topic. The areas covered included the COVID Pandemic, the role of the Vice President (both candidates for President are well over 70 years old and, therefore, there is reasonable belief that one of them may be unable to complete his term), Trump’s present health (voters need to know), the economy (here there was the greatest divergence from the truth), climate change, China, America’s role in the world, the Supreme Court (where Pence kept insisting Kamala tell him whether the Democrats intended to pack the Court if they win – forgetting or not mentioning how the Republicans had just done that and were about to continue), the future of Roe v. Wade, the future of ACA (I was disappointed that Kamala did not more forcefully remind everyone that the Republicans had been trying to get rid of ACA for years, saying for the last decade that they had a health plan for Anericans, but we had never seen one), racial justice, and the upcoming elections.

At one point, Senator Harris went into her background, as many voters do not yet know her well – and it was a good summary of all her impressive experience and the skills she would bring to the White House. She did a good job of elaborating on Joe Biden’s beliefs and defending his programs, too.

Perhaps this will be the last debate for this election, as Donald Trump has just announced that he will not participate in any more debates, if they are virtual. I think that after his insane performance in the first debate, he has decided not to risk another such fiasco … or maybe he really is ill enough not to be able to do it? Nevertheless, he plans to do his mega-rallies instead, where he continues to spread the novel corona virus … and all his lies.