Edith on watching the Democratic🇺🇸 Convention🇺🇸

My Democratic Convention Notes

By Edith Morgan

Edith is politically active in Worcester and state politics!🇺🇸🇺🇸

After two evenings of watching the Democratic Convention on TV, in its new virtual form, I felt somewhat more optimistic about the future of our country. There has been so much doom and glom lately; it was great to see people who had overcome terrible trials and were facing new ones, but were still hopeful and full of vigor about their future! They were also realistic about what it would take to get back on their feet.

It has been more than three years since we saw so much real empathy, warmth, love, compassion and just a general showing of caring for those who do not always entirely agree with one another.
I was particularly taken with the warm friendship between Democratic nominee Joe Biden and the late US Senator John McCain, who was treated so shamefully by his own party. Biden understands and can truthfully commiserate with what the McCains have suffered, as he has gone through the deaths of his first wife and child years ago and the cancer fight with his own late, beloved son, Beau.

The second evening of the convention seemed to be a reaffirmation of the old-time values we profess to believe in and to practice. The very evident love and respect between Dr. Jill Biden and her husband Joe was heartwarming, for its genuineness and permanence. It stands in stark contrast to the serial misogynist Donald Trump, now in the White House, the serial monogamist and faithless mate.

I got the feeling that many Americans are looking for relief from the incessant hatred and above all, the constant lying, courtesy of Trump and the base he gins up with his hatred and his scores of evil schemes to steal the presidency. The change many thought we were promised was all in the wrong direction. Now it is time to right the ship of state and try to undo the damage done to our institutions before too many more of us die or sink …

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Go, Ms. Harris, go!

While ”compromise” seems to have become a dirty word, I get a strong feeling that America will get things done under a Biden presidency, that ideas from many sources will be given a real hearing, and that neither Joe or Kamala Harris, the VP nominee and Joe’s running mate, would use their positions to enrich themselves at the expense of the American taxpayers.

I was particularly struck by the great diversity of those reporting their votes, from not only our states, but also all the territories. Having each give some background and history really brought home to me how very varied our great country is and has always been. But in the end, we are all Americans!

The votes for Bernie Sanders were interesting – let us hope that Bernie’s willingness to work with Joe will translate to cooperation from his supporters. Biden has already moved somewhat in their direction and will listen and work out compromises. They are one in their understanding of the great danger our country finds itself in with Trump in the White House and will rise above their differences to clean up this mess we are in. As soon as possible!!

The truly riveting speech by Michelle Obama was in a class by itself. It is no wonder she is one of the most admired women in the world: