EDITH: Trump’s Impeachment x2

Trump’s Second Impeachment

By Edith Morgan


There‘s an old Chinese saying that goes: “May you live in interesting times.” We certainly are doing that!!

And it is not yet over – as I write this, the House has voted to impeach Donald Trump for a second time, this time for much more serious charges and, while the Democrats pretty much solidly supported the charges, this time they were joined by 10 Republicans. Significantly, one of these was the representative who is #3 in the Republican power structure: Liz

Some are calling these ten “the tenacious ten.” From what I hear from reporters and other individuals, it took real courage to break ranks, as many are terrified that they or their families will be harmed if they defect. Threats of violence seem to be one of the methods of keeping people in line – the president’s supporters operating like gang members.

No one seems to have noticed that in Trump’s repeated exhortations to his “troops” to fight, to march on the Capitol, to prevent VP Mike Pence from approving the States’ electoral numbers, Trump not only egged them on, but promised to be there, to lead them. But the five-time deferred “patriot” with the phony “bone spurs” was nowhere near when the action began. (It is the old British foreign policy trick: Let’s you and him fight).

There are now, as a result of the deadly violence of January 6th at the Capitol, about 15,000 National Guard troops inside the Capitol building, and we are treated to the upsetting sight of them lying on the floor in the building, resting and sleeping all over the floors, ready to spring into action. The outside of the building is being secured for the upcoming inauguration ceremony which is just a week away. Joe Biden has said he is not afraid and will go through the ceremony as planned.

Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating and gathering data on all the participants in the Capitol invasion and destruction of that day. Fortunately, it will not be difficult to arrest and charge the active participants of that insurrection, as they were mostly mask-less and even took “selfies” of their illegal activities, which went viral all over the world, much to my sorrow as America’s reputation took a nosedive around the globe, giving much comfort to our enemies and upsetting our friends.

There is still talk about possible activities at the State Capitols this weekend – and plans are being made to share information so that this time government will not be caught by surprise.

Finally, we are coming to the realization that this is domestic terrorism and the enemy is within.

The new administration needs to get its agenda started right away, and they will have to do double duty. The Senate will have to tend to its duties with the impeachment at the same time that it begins to implement the Biden/Harris program. But I hear they will be able to do two tasks at once, or in Biden’s words, they can “work and chew gum at the same time” (I think that saying dates back to the time of President Gerald Ford.)

We will be making history this month: We have never impeached a President TWICE, and we have never had one who refused to acknowledge defeat in an election certified by all 50 states. But then, I do not remember having had a leader who lied incessantly about everything and tried to sow chaos into all areas of American life.

Meanwhile, the White House is mostly silent and seemingly in total disarray. Daily, more staff and cabinet members are leaving Trump, resigning or simply not showing up for work. And while all this is going on, the Novel Coronavirus rages on, taking its toll, still unabated by the vaccinations slowly taking place.