Edith wrote this column before our deranged President – finally! – did the RIGHT THING!

Save the Children!

By Edith Morgan

It used to be (recently) 46 a day; now we are up to an average of 70 per day, and counting … . And the awful child abuse and cruelty goes on unabated, despite all the rallies, protests, tears, prayers and pleas

The Trump policy of ripping immigrant children and babies from their mothers and fathers continues unabated, and the Trump administration revels in the attention it is getting from this policy. Thousands of children languish in cages and tents on our Southern border, while their parents live in a terrifying limbo of uncertainty and helplessness.

And still Trump refuses our country the one signature that will end this travesty. Why?

We are told these children are pawns in a game to force Mexico (or perhaps American taxpayers) to pay for “The Wall,” which candidate Trump – so desperate to be reelected – promised (or perhaps threatened?) to erect on our Southern border keep out undocumented immigrants.

And why are they coming to that border, having traveled many hundreds of miles, over several nations’ borders, facing all sorts of dangers to escape their own countries? How bad do things have to be in your own country to want to make you leave home, family, neighbors, friends and all that is familiar. Fear of rape, political violence, gang warfare … death compel people to make that kind of dangerous journey. Why, when asked, do these children say they are from Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua? What could possibly be happening in those nations that would drive families to make such a trek?

And what role does the U.S. play in fostering the conditions that drive these migrations?

Maybe if we paid more attention to our own colonial aspirations, our support of covert activities in Latin and South America, and our unflagging support of predatory corporations to the south of us, we might better understand what drives so many to seek asylum here.

Certainly, we can be sure that these still innocent victims are NOT rapists, murderers and criminals, as our President intimates. Nor are they drug pushers and addicts, nor are they old enough to be radicalized into one of the many hate groups that function with impunity in our own country! The M13 group to which Trump refers originates here, in America, not in Mexico. And it is our own drug habit that feeds and maintains the awful cartels that bedevil the lives of so many Mexicans, Colombians and others.

We, the people, are at least owed a good look into what is happening in these cages and tent cities, peopled by terrified children, since this is being done in our name and with our tax dollars!

Once the light shines on the day-to-day horrors faced by these children, our country will rise up against this practice, and we can begin to really clean the Augean stable that has become our Executive Branch (not to mention our gutless Legislative Branch).

And if we get a chance, let us donate to the organizations that are trying to provide some comfort to these hapless victims and the lawyers who are trying to make sure that they enjoy the rights that any human being should have.

President Trump: This kind of policy does Not MAKE AMERICA GREAT!!