By Worcester District 4 City Councilor Barbara Haller

On the day of park activist Nancy Alexanian’s adjudication for defacing Elm Park by writing “Fix the Benches + Stop Dumping Trash” on an already graffitied electrical box in the park, across from her home of 30 years.

Nancy Alexanian has lived across from Elm Park with her husband for 30 years. She is an active member of PREP+ neighborhood association. She has watched Elm Park over the years and been dismayed over the disrespect shown the park.

This summer after learning that the City was not allocating any significant resources into the park anytime soon and coming home to see someone dump bags of household trash into the park, Nancy decided to take action. She went across the street to the park and marked on the electrical box (that was already graffitied) “Fix the Benches + Stop Dumping Trash.” She was identified as the culprit, readily admitted to it, and was summoned to court for defacing public property.

Nancy herself does not condone her action. Those who know Nancy and who share her love of the park know this was a moment of great frustration. This frustration comes from having to watch benches removed and not replaced, trash dumping, tree damage, broken lights, goose excrement, graffiti, and motor bikes, to see the wonderful displays of art (ART in the PARK, Saori Tapestry) and hear the great music in the summer through the painful frames of broken benches and lights, to routinely watch people dump household waste, and to daily walk the park through dog feces and ugly pond borders.

Nancy Alexanian’s day in court on charges of defacing public property is Monday, October 25, at 9am in courtroom 14.

Prior to going into the Courthouse, neighbors and park supporters will gather there at 8:45 a.m. to wish Nancy well and to call attention to the need for priority resources from Federal, State, and Worcester government and private partners to restore this landmark park to its rightful condition.

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