Farewell to Trump’s Kellyanne!

Farewell, Kellyanne Conway!

By Edith Morgan


I have always wanted to be a fly on the wall at the Conways’ home: George and Kelleyanne, both devout Catholics and conservative Republicans with what appear to be very similar religious and political beliefs – yet seemingly on such completely opposing paths to how they express them. Kellyanne has been a totally faithful defender and spokesperson for President Donald Trump and, I believe, the brains behind a witless, unprincipled and ever lying presidency – and the coiner of some really interesting new “concepts” in political doublespeak.

She has uniquely survived the many purges and sudden replacements in the Oval Office and has consistently flown above the name-calling, labeling and misogyny of President Trump. And then there is her husband, George Conway, still a true conservative Republican but one of Trump’s most vocal and vociferous and perhaps most effective critics. George is co-founder of the Lincoln Project and behind the group’s – made up of all anti-Trump Republicans – scathing anti-Trump political ads:

He has trumpeted psychologists’ assessment of Trump’s mental health: dangerous narcissist:

His wife, Kellyanne, originated, among others, the concept of “alternative facts” – as though we have two realities and it is just a matter of opinion as to what is “real.”

Interesting that husband and wife should both decide at this time that their family needs them at home now. Perhaps precipitated by the Conways’ teenaged daughter’s rebellion and open criticism? Or do they smell an oncoming defeat and are fleeing the sinking Trump ship?

That gives us time to ponder the interesting similarities that my father used to comment about in 1933 about the degradation of the German language under Hitler and the uses of distortion and propaganda to pull the wool over eyes of even educated German citizens.

I am sure there will be more on this topic – the news has been overshadowed by the RNC “convention” and the oncoming nasty weather about to hit the Gulf Coast. Stay tuned …