Farmers markets in our inner-city that don’t take SNAP or WIC cards, don’t let poor seniors use their farmers market coupons to buy bread ….

… yet they receive non-profit sponsorship $$$  from Harvard Pilgrim health. WTF?!


LEARN how to counter CLASSISM at FARMERS MARKETS when REC makes a presentation at …

… the Northeast Organic Farming Association, Massachusetts Chapter (NOFA/Mass) 28th Annual Winter Conference, Saturday, January 10.

At Worcester State University, Chandler Street.

Featuring 70 workshops, exhibits, an all-day seminar and keynote by Greg Judy, rotational grazier and carbon sequestration advocate.

The conference draws about 1,000 participants from Massachusetts and neighboring states, including seasoned and beginning farmers, urban homesteaders, backyard gardeners, food activists, and others.

2015 workshop topics include crop production, farm management, health, homesteading, livestock, beekeeping, policy, skill building, infrastructure, soil, urban/backyard gardening and organic land care.

The conference will be followed by a post-conference dinner with Greg Judy.


Members of [Worcester REC’s] YouthGROW will be presenting a workshop entitled Gentrification in the Food System.

The workshop will focus on:

the rapid growth of the food justice movement and “foodie” culture that has often excluded communities of color, youth and the poor

.. and the many ways we can work to reverse this trend.

Ralph Weah, Assistant Farm Manager, and Chad McClain, Assistant Youth Coordinator will share stories and strategies for dismantling racism and creating inclusive spaces.

We’d love to see you at our workshop:

1:30 p.m – 3 p.m. – Saturday, January 10, at Worcester State University! 

 For more information, please visit