For the record … And where was Mayor Joe Petty?

By Rosalie Tirella

FYI, Wonderpoop: We are 50! Not 51!

Most likely we have had more sex partners than your entire family. Like I told a pal: He’s married but to which dog??? I pity his kids – they must be ashamed of their dad – he hates everyone in Worcester. Libels everyone in Worcester. Believes in nothing really. Thinking he is some witty guy who is uncovering the TRUTH, when he is just some meanspirited guy with (most likely) a teeny dick that he is overcompensating for. Wonderpoop should do a brave thing – like print the entire list of City of Worcester employees salaries, like we do at InCity Times.

Fat Chance. He would lose his job (at City Hall?? the T & G??).

Our wesbstats are comprised of unique visitors and total visitors per month. When Wondershit gives us all his name – we will give you all our webstats.

And finally we are resuming our little TV 13 “Straight Talk” show. Just for a few episodes. People seemed to like the show.

Almost as much as they like my newspaper!

Now! Back to Watching Worcester! Sorry we had to get sidetracked by some worm we will … eventually OUT. We DO KNOW School Committee member Tracy O’Connell Novick of Olean Street knows Wonderpoop – and has encouraged him to run for public office. Are they West Side neighbors?? Thanks, Tracy!

Now, back to business:


Mayor Joe Petty

Where was Joe? A few days ago Danny Donaghue, Petty’s assistant at the Mayor’s office, called me to say Petty could not meet with me because this MBTA meeting had come up. Tres important! Petty had to be there! Could we reschedule our meeting?

I agreed! Wormtown can’t lose trains! After all, that’s why we’ve allowed CSX to expand, to dump hundreds of freight cars/tons of pollutants into our gritty city (to make it even grittier).

But to our surprise: Worcester’s mayor, the titular head of our city, was a no show at the MBTA meeting. City Councilor (and pal) Ric Rushton read a letter to the MBTA from our Mayor Petty.

Now was this in the best interest of Worcester? To have the Mayor of Worcester MIA? Having a surrogate read a letter? How totally non-effective! Say what you say about Tim Murray but he would have been at the meeting (as mayor) pounding his fists, railing against the Boston Machine (which he is now a part of)! Maybe all the drama would have changed a few minds.

Not with No-Show Joe!

Mayor Petty, fellow councilor and political opponent Konnie Lukes said your full-time Boston job may take you away from your Worcester job as mayor. That being in Boston would mean not being able to attend early meetings in Worcester. Not being able TO REPRESENT OUR CITY AND ITS RESIDENTS’ INTERESTS.

Let’s hope this isn’t a taste of things to come.

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